What devs would like in MP4 for ManiaScript

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Re: What devs would like in MP4 for ManiaScript

Post by Miss » 24 Jun 2016, 01:05

Yeah it's definitely missing that, but you're gonna need objects for that anyway
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Re: What devs would like in MP4 for ManiaScript

Post by Nerpson » 24 Jun 2016, 16:01

Correct the issue that modifies the clip frame's size when rotating it.

I wish we also had something to invert the clip frame. So it only hides what's inside it.

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Re: What devs would like in MP4 for ManiaScript

Post by Nerpson » 24 Jul 2016, 01:52

Please add new functions in the TextLib like PHP's strpos, preg_match, ord, chr, md5, ...
And like arrays, please add a .length for text vars to allow us not to use the TL lib just for that, and TextVar[Index] to get a single char from the string. :D :thx:

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Re: What devs would like in MP4 for ManiaScript

Post by Alinoa » 28 Jul 2016, 08:36

domino54 wrote:As Hylis told in Galaxy topic, this is list is things I would like to see for devs:
  • Return of parameter DirFront in CSmMapLandmark.
    Jailbreak v2 game mode is using Gates, instead OffZone. Only problem is, that I don't know which direction is the Gate facing. Mode is using "custom sector", which is a huge box covering whole Gate. When player, that was in jail enters this sector (after going through open force field), they are set free. This makes problem, because all Gates have to be placed their "capture pad" outside of the jail, due having them inside would completely break the mode (jailed players could release themselves even then jail is closed, due capture pad with custom sector being inside jail). If I was capable of computing the correct rotation of the Gate, it would be way easier to get correct side with force field and allow Gate to be rotated even their capture pad inside jail.
  • Parameter Vec3 Rotation for CSmObject.
    Recently I thought about creating Payload game mode (similar to the one in TF2 and Overwatch). The object used for cart would be moving on BotPath, through position change, and players nearby would let it move. There is just one problem. Placing non-self-rotating objects through script will always result in all objects facing the same direction. I would like to see Rotation parameter for objects, with all 3 axes, to let the cart be facing it's travel direction. Just by the way, collision model for dynamic object would also be nice to see.
  • New method for CMode - Vec3 GetGroundPosition(Vec3 _AirPosition)
    This method would return point on map directly under given position, but attached to the ground. It would be really useful for spawning random items on map, because mode would toss random X and Z coordinates, Y would be computed by this function and item could be correctly placed on ground, not air or under map.
  • Ability to spawn CSmPlayer not only in CSmMapPlayerSpawn
    Would be really nice if player could be spawned not only in dedicated spawn landmark, but also on bot path, given position or checkpoint landmarks. This would give way more possibilities and diversity for mode creation. Thanks to a function suggested above, even random players spawning on map would be possible. Another thing regarding position is Ability to change player position (custom teleport) while spawned.
  • Landmark system for TM and validation conditions in not overridden by default Race map type
    For now, creating custom map type for TrackMania has completely no sense, because any conditions script would give, map will be still validated like normal Race map. Also, landmark system converted from ShootMania would give a lot of possibilities, like spawning various players in random start blocks (Melee-like spawning in Pursuit), being able to check if a single checkpoint is triggered multiple times in one lap. Also, dynamic objects system available for TM would be great.
  • MP4: Ability to spawn CSmPlayer directly in a vehicle
    Another thing that would be cool is ability to spawn player directly inside vehicle item, ability to place vehicles by script, just like dynamic objects. Collisions between players and vehicles, also vehicle to vehicle crashes.
  • CSmModeEvent::EType::OnPlayerWalkThroughGate
    This kind of event would be fired every time a player is crossing Gate or Force Field. This was suggested by Akbalder before, but I completely forgot to add it to my list. This would solve every issue with using Gates in Jailbreak v2 game mode (no need to use custom sectors anymore).
  • Landmark type CSmMapForceField
    At the moment we have absolutely no control of Force Fields on maps. These don't share base or anything else with other blocks. Only one thing possible to do with script is finding them in MapLandmarks[] and accessing their Sector. They don't have any other object in CSmMapLandmark structure.
  • Vec3 Color for CSmMapBase and CSmMapGauge
    The ability to set any color we want for any Base or Gauge. This would add possibility to have personal spawns for players in various modes (like CardMelee) or create modes that work with more than 2 clans (like Battle with 3 clans).
  • Boolean CSmPlayer::Invisible
    Would simply turn player invisible for all players (including self). Sample usage: Hide and Seek (Pursuit) mode in ShootMania - it would let all thieves run in any direction without knowledge where are others, until fist seeker is choosen.
  • Boolean CSmPlayer::DisableCollisions
    Boolean CSmPlayer::NoPvPDamage

    Working exactly like disabling UsePvPCollisions and UsePvPWeapons in CSmMode, with exception it would turn off collisions or interaction through weapons (hits and bumping) for individual players. Sample usage: live spectator in Hunger Games - after death in HG you are forced to spectate match to the end, but live spectator mode (invisible + no interaction with others) would be awesome and less boring (you die - you become live spectator (or ghost) and watch the rest of the players fighting).
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Re: What devs would like in MP4 for ManiaScript

Post by Dommy » 12 Jun 2019, 15:15

Read camera properties in UI layer scripts

Code: Select all

CMlScriptIngame {
    const Vec3 PlayerCameraPosition;
    const Vec3 PlayerCameraDirection;
    const Real PlayerCameraYaw;
    const Real PlayerCameraPitch;
    const Real PlayerCameraRoll;
    const Real PlayerCameraFov;
These properties available within ingame manialink scripts could be then used for example by the minimap, where the map would no longer rotate with the car, but the player camera.
Scenario: the player does a 360 in mid-air. While the camera barely even rotates, minimap follows the car 1:1, doing a full round as well.

Another use is custom marker frame scale/opacity changing according to the distance to the camera itself, rather than the car.
Scenario: I'm showing a custom marker to my player. This marker will fade away if the player is too far from this location. The marker should disappear if the camera is too far away, but instead, it stays on the screen while the player is close. Same in the opposite situation, the marker won't show up when the camera is close unless we drive here first.
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