Weblink redirect to Titlepack Main Menu

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Weblink redirect to Titlepack Main Menu

Post by Dmark » 28 Sep 2019, 14:06


Currently I am working on a titlepack and I was wondering if its somehow possible to use a weblink to directly go to the main menu of a titlepack?
So without starting ManiaPlanet, search for titlepack and click on it?

As I know its possible to join directly a server with weblink, but I search for a solution to use a link to go to titlepack main menu.

If anyone has got a solution please tell me :)

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Re: Weblink redirect to Titlepack Main Menu

Post by Electron » 28 Sep 2019, 19:48

The Maniaplanet protocol maniaplanet://#menutitle=TITLEID will open the menu of a title:

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<p>Enter the <a href="maniaplanet:///:#menutitle=@Dirt@electron">Dirt Title Pack</a>.</p>

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