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New Map Editor plugin features - MP4.1 2019-10-10

Posted: 11 Oct 2019, 14:35
by reggie1000
Hi everyone,
With the release of the new ManiaPlanet update, new features have been added to the Map Plugin API.
These mainly concern the following :
  • There's a new smarter Camera API to avoid difficult calculations in script. You can ask the Camera to watch a certain block, follow your cursor, move to the starting line, watch a block selection, move around and more.
  • Similarly, there is a new Cursor API. You can ask it to stay centered on the camera, change it's color, move it around in script and easily know what is currently selected.
  • Get to know easily if you can place a block in your map with GetConnectResults
  • Move around in the block and item inventories with the new Inventory API
  • Change the maptype through the script with SetMapType and GetMapType
  • A few more new minor improvements
If you want to see how use most of them, I made a small script taking a bit over 300 lines of code allowing you to build maps entirely with your controller.
Place this script in Documents\ManiaPlanet\Scripts\EditorPlugins\TrackMania, and go in the plugins in any environment to open it. Use Ctrl+P to close it. The mouse interface will globally not work as long as the plugin is active.
It does not have any particular interface to keep the script short, and to mostly see what's new.
Below are the controls :

If you have any questions, don't hesitate :thumbsup: