Map Editor API: Items and ghost blocks

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Re: Map Editor API: Items and ghost blocks

Post by Nerpson » 10 Dec 2019, 04:24

Hello Reggie,

I'm trying to write map type scripts for various prototype campaigns for TMOne Alpine and Speed. The biggest issue I'm facing right now is that I can't check anything on the map. I have no access to the placed items, so I can't even know whether there is a start line, a finish line, how many checkpoints, etc.
We, at Unbitn, are facing real issues with this, for now we unfortunately can't let players create their own maps (i.e. Platform, Stunt, ...) because we can't even check if the maps meet our rules. That's a real bummer. :oops:
I know the priorities, it's very hard to fit everything in the agenda. But I wanted to report this to you so you know we cannot offer the best experience for all the TMUnited players we're converting.

Kind regards,

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