maniascript vscode extension update v1.3.2

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Re: maniascript vscode extension update v1.3.2

Post by reaby » 13 Jul 2020, 17:39

Supports now both maniaplanet and trackmania apis. ... 1.3.2.vsix

The extension can run without setup, but you will have very very old api in that case.

To get use the latest, extract the api from game to somewhere at your harddrive

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trackmania.exe /generatescriptdoc=D:\trackmania\doc.h
(works same with maniaplanet, note the folder needs to exist) and add following lines to your vscode setttings.json (can be accessed from File->Preferences->Settings->Extensions->ManiaScript)
Remember to include the filename as well for doc.h, this is to have more versatile support, incase you wish to name it differently :)

For Maniaplanet:

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    "maniascript.apidocPath": "D:\\dev\\doc.h",
    "maniascript.useManiaplanetApi": true,
For new Trackmania:

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    "maniascript.apidocPath": "D:\\trackmania\\doc.h",
    "maniascript.useManiaplanetApi": false,

* abstract doc.h loader, so i can parse both with same extension
* fixes colors for Null and Library enums
* deprecate configvalue of conf.maniascript.apidocPath

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