getPlayer() with old token

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getPlayer() with old token

Post by MuNgLo » 15 May 2013, 11:10

What does maniaconnect getplayer() returns if you use an old token?
It just says "If an access token is not found, it will return false".

or how do you actually check that the token is valid and if invalid request a new one.

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Re: getPlayer() with old token

Post by MuNgLo » 15 May 2013, 13:14

Seems it is actually after getplayer() when I try to getTeams() something happens.

getTeams() and getContracts() both end up making my code fail.

Even this example makes the manialink blank after this code is run.

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$teams = $mpwsPlayer->getContracts();
The player object seems to be the same regardless of how old token or what not. But after 1hour or so the getTeams/getContracts fail somehow. As soon as I comment out those I am just fine again and all of the manialinks showsup again.

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Re: getPlayer() with old token

Post by The_Big_Boo » 15 May 2013, 15:45

The default persistance system used in the SDK is the session (you can make your own persistance but I don't think anybody is doing it). As you probably knows, a session expires by default after a few hours (4 I think) without any user request, which will be longer than the token validity anyway. So, after an hour, you end up with an invalid token in the session and any method will fail. However, there is a single exception to this, which is getPlayer(): it's result is also stored in the session (or any persistance) so it won't fail.

At the moment, the simple solution is to call Maniaplanet\WebServices\ManiaConnect\Client::logout() which will actually destroy the session to start a whole new one but it can be unfortunate sometimes.

Maybe one day there will be a better solution. I remembered looking into it for the Competition Manager and talking with gouxim about it (because it happens a lot for players) but it's not that easy to do (or actually, not easy to do it fast ^^).
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Re: getPlayer() with old token

Post by MuNgLo » 15 May 2013, 16:26

Seems its one hour on ManiaConnect.

The problem is how to decide to call logout. getPlayer cant be used and if I call anything else it just breaks?

Couldn't there be a flag in the player object to flag token as valid or not? I mean if getPlayer() already get preferential treatment to get passed old tokens it should be possible to just stick in a token=>valid without to big changes.

Also I just don't get how this manages to bug out my manialink so much that the whole content requested never shows up. even if that content in itself never goes near the players info.

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Re: getPlayer() with old token

Post by magnetik » 23 May 2013, 09:55

The SDK does not use the expiration time which is given by our server. Since I'm working on Oauth2 at the moment, I'll try to find a way to handle this.
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