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Payment error

Post by zocka » 03 Apr 2016, 12:12

I try to Payments::pay() a transaction like this (for testing purposes for now):

Code: Select all

  public 'id' => null
  public 'creatorLogin' => string 'nextml' (length=6)
  public 'creatorPassword' => string '********' (length=8)
  public 'creatorSecurityKey' => string '*****' (length=5)
  public 'fromLogin' => string 'nextml' (length=6)
  public 'toLogin' => string 'zocka' (length=5)
  public 'message' => string 'test' (length=5)
  public 'cost' => int 10
- creatorLogin is a dedicated server account I created for this purpose
- creatorPassword contains a randomly generated password I pasted into the form on account creation an then my config file, so I assume it is correct.
- creatorSecurityKey is the 5 letter key which I use to register manialinks
- the API credentials are correct as I could get data from another endpoint without problems

I sent some planets to the nextml account, which I could confirm on the playerpage.

However every transaction I tried so far just returns an 'Internal Server Error' and I don't know what I am doing wrong.
Strangely I noticed that the dedi account is short by 41 planets given that I am not aware of any transaction that worked aka. didn't return 500. (It might be that these are transaction costs, but even granting cache expration time of several days the amount on the player page didn't change lately).

If anyone could help with further suggestions or a look into some log files (my last try was around 2016-04-03 12:10 CEST) I would be really grateful.
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Re: Payment error

Post by The_Big_Boo » 03 Apr 2016, 13:59

"Internal Server Error", or HTTP code 500, means the remote server has an issue. Your calls may be perfectly correct (and the transactions may have actually worked), but the API won't tell you anything as long as the bug on its side isn't fixed.
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