Routes for MP4 Rankings / Servers / Maniastars

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Routes for MP4 Rankings / Servers / Maniastars

Post by kremsy » 17 May 2017, 16:04

Im starting a topic here for brainstorming what Routes for Mp4 are needed for Projects like ManiaViewer.

1) Webservice Route for Player deployment

It would be good if there would be a route collecting all existing Titles and returning how Many players are currently online on these Environments.

2) Serverlist (like MP3 Webservices)

A Webservice route which gives some informations about every server (including hidden servers), same functionality than the MP3 one had

3) Rankings (for every title)

4) ManiaStar votes list

A list of how many maniastars different players have.
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Re: Routes for MP4 Rankings / Servers / Maniastars

Post by kripkee » 16 Oct 2017, 15:07


I won't open a new topic for this because I found this - yay.

I just want ask one thing, is Nadeo is completly boosted?

Now in way positive, when do you update your webservice for online rankings and Maniastars? "I" would like to use it in "my" upcoming titlepack^^
Any information? :)

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