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Flashes endpoint

Posted: 22 Jun 2017, 11:07
by zocka
How does this endpoint work:

What is a liveUID?
I actually would expect flashes endpoints like on the maniaplanet website, e.g.

I tried a lot of different values as liveUID like titleUID, title:{titleUID} (like some internal endpoint for channel data with channel:{channel} I found in the ManiaScripts), playerLogin, postId (not really making sense as there are these pagination parameters available).
All of these returned an internal error.

What is the correct way to get data here or is the endpoint just broken?

Second question:
What is the location_type? I found it to be either @ or + and I was under the impression that @ is used on reposts?
And there isn't any information on what the original post was like 'reposted from post x'?
If I wanted to list original posts I would filter by location_type?