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[QuestMania] Simplicity

Post by jamie_macdonald » 18 Jun 2010, 13:57


I am an avid Zelda fan/freak ...i would like to see some storyline elements that have simple puzzle based tasks ...much similar to the game series i love (other than tm). If we could steer clear of the completely geek side or at least have a simple option .. for those of us who would like to go on quests and solve puzzles ...I don't imagine me touching this "with a bargpole" if it becomes your typical WoW style affair ...

So basically it's not a feature request, but a method request ... i have no idea of your intentions with this game but if it is a simple, puzzle/quest based thing with a multi twist i might take a liking to it... manna points vs hit points is not a quest, its a number collecting hobby = boring :lol:

So please, be cool, make something fun and intruiging (i guess you may be allready but just incase :D )

I love the concept of the maniaplanet, you can add some new environments in to all (inc TM, and SM) at intervals, co-inciding with a new story pack and such .. the potential is massive.

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Re: [QuestMania] Simplicity

Post by mikepurdy1234 » 18 Jun 2010, 20:59

I love zelda and sometimes the WoW style mmorpg could get a little jumble with too many skill trees.

I would love to play maps that involve 3rd person hack-n-slash, push things, move things, throw things. I would also love to fight epic beasts and be a powerful wizard with many different types of skills.

both of these styles (methods) are wanted very much by RPG fans. the trick is:
-How do you feed both types of people? (the mmorpg fans and the people that just want to interact with things)

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Re: [QuestMania] Simplicity

Post by mikepurdy1234 » 19 Jun 2010, 06:04

just some suggestions:
-3rd person hack-n-slash
-interactive inviro-blocks
-epic boss battles (and some other deadly creatures)
-multiplayer (VS and co-op raiding)
-items in an inventory would be the leverage against others, not a huge skill tree like WoW... (zelda had gadgets)

I like the idea of simple. I have played online and offline RPG games and feel there IS a place for simple.

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Re: [QuestMania] Simplicity

Post by Mifune013 » 07 Jun 2011, 08:36

Remember, this is a mod game like Little Big Planet, Mod Nation Racers, Half-Life, and Starcraft II. Make simple puzzle quest adventure game is just a matter of someone making a simple puzzle quest adventure using QuestMania.

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