NadeoImporter [update 2019/10/09]

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Re: NadeoImporter [update 2014/10/22]

Post by Skyslide » 01 Oct 2019, 21:52

nadeoimporter update for new physicids: bumper, bumper2, gogrip, antifreewheel?
when? never?
an answer ? :0010

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Re: NadeoImporter [update 2019/10/09]

Post by smokegun » 24 Mar 2020, 13:56

The importer doesnt work anymore for me, using the latest files from ... ng-started.

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PS D:\Documents\ManiaPlanet> NadeoImporter.exe CharSkin Skins/Models/ArenaPlayer/SintelSample
NadeoImporter 2019-10-09_22_51
Compressing Tc@  512x1024 sintel_D.tga
Created :temp:\MemoryTemp\\
Compressing Tc@  512x1024 sintel_S.tga
Created :temp:\MemoryTemp\\
Compressing LUc@  512x1024 sintel_N.tga
PS D:\Documents\ManiaPlanet> cat .\NadeoImporterLog.txt
Trying to use a class (0x04008000) from engine "Graphic", which is not available in this exe.
[Sys]  BuildInfo   : Date=2019-10-07_21_00 Svn=96639 GameVersion=3.3.0
[Sys]  Defines     : .
[Sys]  Shaders     : Svn=0, Git=0
[Sys] Minimum app. @ = 0x0000000000010000
[Sys] Maximum app. @ = 0x00007FFFFFFEFFFF
NadeoImporter 2019-10-09_22_51

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Re: NadeoImporter [update 2019/10/09]

Post by TMarc » 04 Jun 2020, 20:17

any hint about light sources?
I don't get them to work.
Have a light source in Blender, say a point light, also added it as light in the meshparams.xml
But after exporting as FBX, running the convertassistant with Nadeoimporter (2017-05-18_12_54) and importing the mesh in Maniaplanet,
the light source seems to be gone (yes, i did save the new object and did shadow calculation as well).
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