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Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 26 Jan 2014, 14:21
by darmaya
Hi all,
i republished all my 2013 Valley Titles
in just one convenient Pack.
There are 55 maps, 220 medals, many replays, custom objects, arrows.
Clean Cut mod
Blockmixed with MPEUnlimiter by Phil13hebert
100 planets.
In my blog there is a complete overview of the Author, Gold,Silver and Bronze times.
Have fun! ... ks-in.html


Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 03 Feb 2014, 14:22
by Alinoa
TM² Stadium Racing Evolution (SRE) TitlePack ... 11#p201811
Suma wrote:#Ready4Racing! We had 20+ minutes Racing in mind and the target to create an Evolution of Nadeo's classical Stadium Environment. The TM² Stadium look and feel is still there, though the borders (<=> „Rammstein“) are gone. In result racing on SRE feels different, as the usable road got slightly wider. You can go now from wall to wall without getting airborne.

The width from wall to wall is unchanged, also our items can be combined with all Nadeo's blocks, which is part of the design.

There are some additional blocks, like half banked turns and smoother transitions, all in the classical Stadium style.


The lastest SRE version you will always find at SRE.Title.Pack.Gbx

Give the NRL Nascar Racing Evolution 60K a try at the nrl2nascar, already more than 70 tracks are waiting for you!

@Mods: ATM all items can be skinned as any regular Stadium block. If we later add some custom deco items, we'll provide informations.

HowTos, tips & tricks for track builders and server admins are on the way, you will find them ASAP at the SRE support forum, which is also open for any of your questions.
Forum Registration link is displayed at joining of the NRL servers SRE 60K nrl2nascar, Stadium 80K nrltm2 or ROC 100K nrl100k.

More informations soon on the Homepage, HF!

How to install SRE by znik1
First Replay from our server by shortz Productions
Thank you guys!

And Thank You Nadeo, keep up the great work, we can't wait for MP3 and in particular for the custom checkpoints ;)

Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 05 May 2014, 09:03
by Alinoa
TrackMania Nations Forever Title Pack ... 17#p214517
Citiroller wrote:Image

I've just created a title pack including all the tracks from TrackMania Nations Forever and all of the medals :thumbsup:
This title pack includes some of the new features from ManiaPlanet 3. I've added a custom menu replay and all of the medal replays. You actually can choose the medals and challenge them ;)
So have fun with it :D

Download & Installation
You can download it here!
To install the pack simply store the downloaded file in Documents\Maniaplanet\Packs and click one of your empty stations and choose "from disk". Then scroll to the Nations Title pack and click it.

The title pack is not available in the store at the moment because I want some people to test it first.
There's no ManiaLink because I haven't created one yet :)

  • includes all the TMNF tracks
  • includes all the medals as race able opponents :yes:
  • includes the TMNF menu music
  • has a replay as menu background (I still haven't figured it out how it works exactly, so it might be a little bit weird)
  • only includes single player because multi player is unnecessary :shock:

Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 08 Jun 2014, 19:13
by mvv0105
Minimalize Title Pack

What, if stadium has a 4x4 block space? 5x5? Try to win in new solo campaign with little, but hard maps!
Full version will be coming soon.

+ More than 30 tracks
+ New Menu and Soundtrack ... yiacfg.jpg ... e.Pack.Gbx

Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 13 Jun 2014, 10:33
by edk
Canyon Campaign fans get ready to take the red pill! Welcome to Canyon Inverted!

This title pack consists of the entire Nadeo Canyon Campaign, complete with 65 tracks, totaling 260 medals, except all tracks have been inverted. Get ready to refamiliarize yourself with the campaign as this will truely make your brain work.

Enjoy and have fun! All comments, feedback, and the like are welcome and appreciated.


Download the pack and place it in the Documents/Maniaplanet/Packs folder. While in game, select an available station and then load a title, select "from disk", and finally select Canyon Inverted. The download is roughly 32 Mb and costs 65 planets.

Download Canyon Inverted

I will try to publish this soon. I was reading about some discrepancy associated with using dropbox as a file host. I'm truely not sure if that is viable, although I am hoping it is as the file is quite small.

Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 16 Jun 2014, 08:25
by mvv0105
edk, open your PM in site, i can't send message to you

Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 02 Jul 2014, 15:22
by larslars
To mvv0105,

I think your MINIMALIZE is a wonderful Title Pack, and deserves more publicity and a place in the STORE.

Thank you for your work. Very fun maps. Keep them coming!

Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 05 Jul 2014, 11:59
by mvv0105
larslars wrote:To mvv0105,

I think your MINIMALIZE is a wonderful Title Pack, and deserves more publicity and a place in the STORE.

Thank you for your work. Very fun maps. Keep them coming!
Done, you can download it from store. If Alinoa can download it... :lol:

Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 06 Jul 2014, 13:01
by Citiroller
I've just updated my Nations Forever Title Pack (Forum). It's now available in the store too :D
You can see the full changelog here.

Thanks to Alinoa who has posted my Title Pack to this forum :thx:
Thanks to edk too :D I just saw in your picture of Canyon Inverted that you have installed my title pack :thumbsup:

Re: [TM²]Titles made by players

Posted: 09 Jul 2014, 14:31
by mvv0105
Minimalize Full Version

Grab it now! :lol: ... e.Pack.Gbx