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Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Post by Alinoa » 02 May 2014, 09:58

[ROYAL ROULETTE] New title availble in MP3

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weerwolf wrote:Gooooodmorning,

Within maniaplanet3 the Royal Roulette gamemode is now converted to its own title. You can find it in the Maniaplanet 3 store for download and install. There are some fixes still needed, but this release is fully playable.

Royal Roulette is based upon the normal Royal gamemode. It free for all to shoot. Respawn after elimination is possible until the pole is first captured. The pole may be captured again for speeding up the tornado.

Each round u spawn, the server deals u a number between 0 and 36. Each number has a combination of a standard weapon with a bonus reload speed multiplier and/or armor multiplier.

0 is the special, availble from ManiaPlanet 3. Its a custom weapon of brute force. Survive the loading time and unleash its power! Beware and use with care!!

Note: for the moment this weapon does not inflict self damage, but will do in the future

Have fun with this gamemode and most of all: GOOD LUCK!

Watch the video:


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