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[SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 02 Jul 2013, 11:55
by Alinoa
Invasion ... 28#p163728
domino54 wrote:Image

Hello there!
In last week i worked hard with my new title pack Invasion. It's a horde gamemode with switchable weapons and multiplayer scores. There are also available SOLO mode with 4 maps! We have server Drakonia Invasion with 16 slots (thanks to Jon Killer!). Pack cost is only 75 planets, but it's new way to enjoy ShootMania! Title includes custom 3D objects (full list below). Big thanks for steeffeen - he helps me in script. :thumbsup:

Download here: Invasion

Object list:
- Shack by janculits
- Speed Camera by justspeeding
- Column by faserg1
- Forge by Nadeo
- Classic Props by janculits
- Minecraft Blocks (only XS) by janculits

Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 02 Jul 2013, 13:06
by djhubertus
djhubertus wrote:Hello Community ! :)

I'm happy to announce that Under Siege title pack is ready to download and of course play :D
If you like Siege game mode, try my title pack.

It includes:
- Battles in format 5v5
- Matchmaking support
- Commander mode (One attacker gives team mates faster ammo and stamina reload as long as he doesn't die)
- Usefull CW tools like Toss, Draft, PlayersLists, Elite Tagging
- Better LP calculation
- Balance system when there are not 10 players on server
- Play on Summer or Winter Env.
- Compatible with old Siege Maps
- Custom Sounds and Music
and few other things :D

via manialink - UnderSiege
or direct link - ... e.Pack.Gbx

How to install ?

Have Fun and good bye in e-sport scene :thumbsup:

Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 03 Jul 2013, 18:13
by NJin
here a list of all titlepacks ;)


Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 03 Jul 2013, 22:05
by platernitycs
platernitycs wrote:Image

Legends (4v4)

Nino "Platernity" Junghans

Recommended number of players:

2 team of 4 players (1 attacker 3 defender)
3 Life points for the attackers and 1 LP for the defenders
The attacker can kill defenders or capture the goal for his team to win a point.
He can tag the opponent attacker by hitting him.
The defender can kill the opponent attacker or defend the pole to win a point.
He can kill an opponent defender but he will respawn.

All normal Elite rules apply such as 45 sec to pole cap.

Aim :
The first team to reach the map limit points with a break advantage wins.

I don't own myself a server. It would be nice to see some coming up!

Just write "legends" in manialink
or use link to download

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Posted: 09 Jul 2013, 21:36
by Dommy
tm-jinzo wrote:here a list of all titlepacks ;)

:roflol: :3

Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 19 Jul 2013, 09:45
by Alinoa
Darkminus wrote:Hello :)

Today, I'm gonna present you my new Title Pack: Interface!

Why this name? Simply because I didn't create this title pack just for one mode.
The only thing included in this title pack is the objects, from Nadeo.

My goal is to offer to people the ability to let players play their gamemodes with objects without having the constraint to download another title pack for each mode.

The reason of that is that modes aren't always as good as we think, and it's necessary to test them with players.
To host a script on my title just use Interface@darkminus as title for the dedicated server configuration (I suppose you know how to do that if you read this line :P ), and it will appear on it :)

That's where Interface is useful. Because anyone who have this title pack will be able to play your mode.
Let's say it's a kind of "Storm" title pack for objects. :lol:

There are currently one (or two, depends when you are reading this ^^) modes running in this title yet.
The first one is Arena Duel.
The goal? Pretty easy, it's a kind of Quake-Like duel mode. 1v1, 10 Minutes, Items, DeathMatch.
The maps I currently use are Quake remakes made by Kryw for Combo. But I'd like to see more specific maps for this mode, so I'm waiting for your maps! :)
The only advice I could give you about maps is that they shouldn't be too big, because there are only 2 players on the map, and it's boring to search your opponent during 40secs... ^^
The other thing is that you should also add more than 2 spawns, so it makes the spawning more "random" and opponent cannot wait you at a spawn. :)

You've got no weapon at start, and you have to pick items to get weapons and new ammo slots.
Limitations: 1 Laser, 1 Nucleus, 2 Arrows, 6 Rockets.
When you die, you loose all items you picked up and you have to get weapons again.
Timers: Items appears 15 seconds after the beginning of the round. Then respawn is 45s for laser, 30 for other weapons, 40 for armors.

This has been tried by a few people yet, and it's seems that they like it, so even if you have some doubt on it, give it a try! ;D

The other mode (not realeased at that date) is Melee Ultimate, a mode I already created before, but never updated.
This is basically a Melee mode, with items.
Limitations are the same than for Arena Duel.
Goal is the same than original Melee Mode. :)

To mappers: For both modes, the map type is the basic MeleeArena. Caution! If you wanna add items on your map, you should only do it on the Interface map editor, else it won't work!!!
Note: For both modes, there is an option to enable the beta 2 gameplay (I mean Microjump and old Walljump). It is located in the server options.
Please, keep in mind that even if I added that in my scripts, it will be removed when Nadeo decides it. Sorry for any inconvenience!

From today, I'm gonna release every changelog of updates I'll do, here. :)

Some Screenshots of the current version:

Normal Title: Image

Title when needs Update: Image

Title UI: Image

WarmUp & SpawnScreen (In French, but it has been translated in english, too.. :) ) : Image

WarmUp & SpawnScreen Rules (Same than previous for language ^^) : Image

Items :D : Image

WarmUp Scoretable : Image

In-Game UI (As light as possible!) : Image

In-Game ScoreTable : Image

All thoses screens comes from Interface Title Pack, and Arena Duel Gamemode. :)

I hope you'll have fun on this mode!

To download:

Or type "Interface" in the ManiaLink browser in ManiaPlanet. :)

Any suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind that I'm trying to do my best to make this title pack as good as I can, and for modes as balanced and fun that is possible ! :D

That's all! I hope to see you on Interface Title Pack! :)

PS: To server hosters, if you want the MatchSettings for my ArenaDuel mode, Here you go! :)

PS²: Why is there so much "bold" text? ^_^ You're too curious. Simply to clarify reading (And because I had fun with that button. :D )

Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 16 Sep 2013, 10:17
by Alinoa
Ultimate: play all classic gamemodes in one title. ... 79#p188979
HubbleSM wrote:After a longer time of work for this Titlepack, it's time to test it with the Community!

It's the result of a simple idea of the GTX Community: you should be able to play the existing Gamemodes with new Blocks and also Gamemodes that needs custom contents without wasting all your Maniaplanet Stations.
It's possible to play classic Gamemodes like Siege, Royal, Elite and Battle, but also other Gamemodes like Combo and Invasion in just 1 Titlepack!

Ultimate offers new possibilities:
- More than 40 Blocks, made by the Community, usable in all gamemodes
- Combo Items. Play Combo and other Gamemodes that uses Items!
- Bots, known from Invasion.

There will be Updates with new Blocks and Stuff.

Just try it out! :thumbsup:
Download it from ... e.Pack.Gbx or from the Manialink ultimate
I would be happy if you support me with maps,new blocks or hosting a server with the gamemode you want!
If you have any suggestions for improvement, please write me!
Thanks to all supporters: Domino54, Käpt’n Iglu, Smox, TM-Jinzo, Sen-Sai.

Seeya, Hubble

Some Screenshots:
New Blocks:

Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 29 Oct 2013, 11:23
by Alinoa
[TitlePack] CardMelee ... 00#p187600
Fadden wrote:Hi everybody ! :)


What is this ?

CardMelee is a mode for 4 players, based on Melee (really ?^^), but with cards that define your weapon, ammos and different powers.
By default, a game of CardMelee is 3 rounds of 4 minutes. At the beginning of each round, players drafts card to get weapon and other bonus. Here is a screen during the draft :

If you are not familiar with card games, you may not understand what is “draft”. Basically, it’s : each player receives a number of cards and chooses one among them. Then he passes the non-chosen cards to the next player (at his left for exemple) and receives the non-chosen cards of the previous player (at his right). This until each player has a certain number of cards. I hope this is clear, otherwise the best is to try, it is very simple^^.

After the draft, the melee takes place with a particular rule : if you hit a player with more points than you, you get 2 points, otherwise, you get 1 point. This rules makes closer games, with more possibilities to come back if you make a bad round.

At the end of the round, you can choose a card among your non-weapon cards you will keep for the next round. Then the next round begins with the draft.

And at the end of the 3rd round, the player with more points wins the map.


Download :
Download and all you need are on the manialink CardMelee.
Or here


Some infos and tips :
About the title :
- This gamemode is designed for only 3 or 4 players, in order that the draft be clear (better visibility for read cards) and that it not be the big bazaar during the melee.
- Originally, it was created to play in local network when the ping was too bad to play online :P

About the gamemode :
- You can't have several weapons. During the draft, If you choose a second weapon, it replaces the first.
- If you don't choose a weapon during the draft, you will have Rocket with only two ammo.
- If you disconnect and reconnect, you will loose all your cards for the round (so you will have Rocket with two ammo).
- If you are alone on the server and a second player comes, a restart will be done to launch the draft.


Thanks to report bugs here, and sorry if there are english mistakes ^^

Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 20 Jan 2014, 12:01
by Alinoa
TITLE PACK /// Hunger Games! ... 85#p200485
domino54 wrote:Image

Royal + Hide and Seek + Combo + Obstacle = Hunger Games

Ladies and gentlemens! Here is my new title pack: Hunger Games! After 9 industrious days it's finally here.

Download here: dominotitles

What's Hunger Games?
Did you read a book or watched a film? No? You suck. But if you know those titles, this pack is for you. A last-man-standing gametype with pickable Charges, demanding obstacles and impressive duels. Just run to the pole to get a random weapon and upgrade it with Charges. Try to survive to the end.

Pickable items
Fighting is one of important things here. But not only. After spawn you will get slowly weapon and stamina reload. Sounds not good? OK, would be better if you will find some upgrades. And there they are:

This yellow thing gives you +0.1 ammo reload and +0.05 stamina reload.
+2 points for pick

Pretty purple box works as 2 normal Charges, also it gives you 1 extra bullet for your weapon and heals 1 armor point.
+5 points for pick

Be carefull with this little evil. It takes you 1 damage point and works as 2 Charges (but not gives 1 bonus shot).
+ 2 points for pick

You're close to death? It's a small heaven for you. Restores 1 armor point.
+1 point for pick

And how this works?

- There can be warm up at map start. You can only watch Horn of Plenty and click F6. If all players are ready game starts.
- Be prepared to fast run to pole! You're weaponless if you don't touch mast first. Weapon is given randomly. If player didn't touched pole, he cannot pick up items!
- Run away from pole. Look for Charges.
- There is a VERY SMALL chance (1/50), that hit will be critical. Critical hits takes 2 damage points.
- Attention! Self-damage!
- For every survived position tribute gets 10 survival points (in table divided by 10 to avoid small letters in columns).
- If on a map there are 2 tributes left, OffZone will be activated.
- Last player alive wins.

Bug tracker (known bugs)
"It's full 'a' bugs!"

- If map is restarted and items was spawned before, items will not spawn.
- If player was spawned and he left server or turn on spec mode, script will not update players count. Only one right way to finish map is skipping it.

EDIT 18.01.14.
- Added time limit (default 10 minutes)
- Shooter gets +0.2 ammo gain for eliminating player
- less chance to toss laser

EDIT 19.01.14.
- Removed time limit
- Player ammo is empty when he toss weapon, to avoid rush on map start
- Added OffZone automatic start timer (8 minutes)
- Added OffZone time limit (3 minutes)

- Near miss messages
- Fixed item spawning bug on map restart
- Better item spawning delay setting
- Chat message when player got eliminated by MiniCharge
- Message when someone is trying to pick up item without scoring pole first

direct dl-link: ... e.Pack.Gbx

Re: [SM] titles mades by players

Posted: 20 Mar 2014, 18:28
by Alinoa
TITLE PACK /// DominoTitles /// 10k Planets Contest! ... 16#p205516
domino54 wrote:DOMINOTITLES

Hello ShootManiacs! :)
Yesterday I published my new title pack - DominoTitles. The main point of this title is concentrate multiplayer of Invasion and the Hunger Games. Question: why? Because it makes huge possibilities. First and main feature is comparing of Invasion items with HG - now you can build up your maps using many custom blocs from Maniapark. Second is one LP ranking for both modes. Third: you don't need to change title pack if you go from HG to Invasion and reverse.

DOWNLOAD: dominotitles

What happens now with Invasion and HG title packs?
The point is make DominoTitles as "base" and other packs as "DLC" with solo campaign. Invasion is payable solo with 12 maps and its cost is 75 Planets. Hunger Games will be no longer supported. In thoose titles clicking multiplayer button pop-ups a window with information, that you can play multi via new pack. 8-)

Play and win 10 000 Planets!
To bring up people playing I did "small" contest: just be first player that reach Echelon Bronze 1 (10 000 LP) and win the same amount in Planets. :D

The Hunger Games Tournament
Join the cup on 29th March 2014 at 18:00 (UTC +1:00) and play on 6 validated maps. Win on a map and get 500 Planets on your account. Take second place and earn 300 Planets. The player on third position will save 100 Planets.
I'm not 100% sure, but there may be a recording of the tournament by DestinyCast triple_wii (GER).
Be with us and have fun!

The Invasion Tournament
Yes, sounds weird, but it's possible to do an Invasion cup. :3 Meeting will happen on 5th April 2014 at 18:00 (UTC +1:00). There will be competition on 8 solo campaign maps, awarding same as in HG Cup. If everything will went ok, there will be recording and the Arrow weapon will be disabled. (muahaha! :twisted: )

Tutorial: How to build advanced HG map

Server restrictions
Only one: there only Invasion and Hunger Games servers are allowed :) (and private test servers for other modes)

Some screens