[Tuto][How to] create custom tile pack /basics\

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[Tuto][How to] create custom tile pack /basics\

Post by adamkooo2 » 07 Feb 2015, 14:47

I made tutorial for making title pack creation

:arrow: 1st step: Click on "edit packs" in options

:arrow: 2nd step: Click on option "create new title

:arrow: 3nd step: Fill (id) name

:arrow: 4th step: Fill name of your title and then click on "create"= that will save it

:arrow: 5th step: You have to reload "edit packs" setting, then you will find your title as first in your library

:arrow: 6th step: Click on "name" and then edit "Base"

:arrow: 7th step (optional): If you want to solo play function fill "Campaign" (or load playlist)

:arrow: 8th step (optional): Click on music and select your music in race

:arrow: 9th step: Localization of your title files click here:Image

:arrow: 10th step (optional): If you want to 3d& clouds menu delete "MenuBg.jpg" :sucks:

:arrow: 11th step (optional): Menu Manialink= If you want to have Menu manialink fill Manialink

Code: Select all

??? is name of your menu link

:arrow: 12th step (optional): Menu settings:
1.If you want to have menu replay click on "Replay" and select your replay
2.Menu Music is normal, you have to click on "Music" and select your music (file type ogg or mux)

:arrow: 13th step (optional): (Mod settings)It will load mod when you click on "Mod" and select it

:arrow: 14th step: Adding files location: you have to click on "Files" and on "Add"

And that´s all basics on creating a title.
Have fun!! :3 :gotcha:

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Re: [Tuto][How to] create custom tile pack /basics\

Post by TMarc » 07 Feb 2015, 15:14

why do you create two topics? :roll:

is it exactly the same?

I would prefer to move the other topic that already has some replies to this forum part, and then delete this topic.
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