[SM] Do custom campaigns actually work

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[SM] Do custom campaigns actually work

Post by smokegun » 19 Mar 2018, 12:18

I have been working at making Obstacle compatible with MP4 and improving the mode as much as I can since July 2017. I faced a lot of problems due to the lack of documentation and this is especially true for campaigns.

I read a lot of different things in both Discord and the forums.

The posts above make it seems like campaigns work. Of course they do, at least in Trackmania.
But to my knowledge there is not any Shootmania titlepacks with a working solo campaign. By working I mean that maps are unlocked based on the medals and the player's records are saved in a leaderboard as in Trackmania.
And from a quick look at the MP4 menu's scripts, the unlocking of the maps is based on the TM records (I don't remember the name of the struct).

So I guess the main question is do the campaigns work?

From my understanding they don't work with the MP4 menus.
But does Solo_SetNewRecord actually save the medals somewhere?
How the old MP3 menus worked then?

If there is no way to make the MP4 menus work with Shootmania, I am not against writing custom menus for Obstacle like Dommy did with Galaxy, I think that this is something that should be done at some point anyway.
But first I need to make sure that the different methods to make a campaign actually work with Shootmania or if everything is broken with Shootmania.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to receive some positive answers!
Have fun and play Obstacle!
confused smoke

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Re: [SM] Do custom campaigns actually work

Post by Qlex » 20 Mar 2018, 11:04


Thank you for your report. We are investigating on the issue. :)

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Re: [SM] Do custom campaigns actually work

Post by crimplene » 20 Mar 2018, 14:45

Some additional info might help. :-)

I tried to build an Obstacle TP with Solo Campaign. The mode script uses Solo_SetNewRecord() to register newly earned medals. The menu (which I downloaded via StormMaker) does not unlock maps with medals, though.

Since the old Obstacle TP from Steeffeen with old MP3 menues still works in MP4 - it uses Solo_SetNewRecord() of course, maps are unlocked when earning a medal - I suppose that the saving method works under MP4 but the included mechanisms for reading medal info in the MP4 menues somehow do not.

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Re: [SM] Do custom campaigns actually work

Post by Dommy » 21 Mar 2018, 11:52

I'm interested if there will be a way to have a ShootMania campaign with official online ranking based on points and not time.

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