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ManiaPlanetTitle.xml details (incomplete)

Posted: 10 Feb 2019, 06:08
by VMan2002
A description of what each value in ManiaPlanetTitle.xml does to affect the title.
This page is incomplete.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<maniaplanet_title version="4">
├<id>mytitle@example</id> = Name of the title file.
├<name>My Title</name> = Display name of the title.
├<desc>This is a title pack.</desc> = Description for the title.
├<base>TMCanyon</base> = What game the Title uses.
├<player_model></player_model> = An item to use for the player character in Shootmania.
│├<image name="PackImage.jpg"/> = An image to use for the title's DVD case model and station.
│├<logos name="Logos.png"/> = An image with a set of logos.
│├<collection>Example</collection> = A category for the title to be sorted into in the list of DVD cases.
│├<sortindex>1</sortindex> = A number to determine where the title to sit in it's category, compared to other titles.
│├<station_manialink url=""/>
│└<boxcase_manialink url=""/>
│├<background_img name="MenuBg.jpg"/> = An image to show as the title's menu background. Not used if background_replay name is set. When there is no background available, it will use the sky and clouds background corresponding to the title base.
│├<background_replay name="Replays\MyTitleReplayBg.Replay.Gbx"/> = A replay to be played in the title's menu background.
│├<header name="MenuHeader.png"/> = An image to show at the top of the menu panel. Not used if there is no background available.
│├<music name=""/> = A music track to be played in the main menu.
│├<manialink url=""/>
│├<menu_style name=""/>
│├<music folder="MyTitle\"/> = A folder of music for the title to play in-game.
│└<mod name=""/>
│├<maptype name=""/> = The default Map Type for the editor.
│└<simple_editor_map name=""/> = A map to be used with the Simple editor.
│├<mode name=""/> = A GameMode to be used in solo play.
│├<datapack name=""/>
│├<campaign num="0">
││├<playlist name=""/>
││├<mode name=""/>
││├<disable_unlock_system>false</disable_unlock_system> = When true, all maps are available
││└<maps folder="Campaigns\"/>
│├<mode name=""/>
│└<playlist name=""/>
│├<mode name=""/>
│└<playlist name=""/>
├<files> = A set of files to do special things to.
│├<file name="Replays\Replays\MyTitleReplayBg.Replay.Gbx" public="false" internal="false"/> = A file.
││When public is false, the file isn't shown for players. Idk what internal does.
│└<file name="Skins\Models\CarCommon\" public="false" internal="false"/> = Another file.
├<folders> = A set of folders to do special things to.
│└<folder name="Media\MediaHidden\" public="false" internal="false" /> = A folder. Accepts the same tags as a file above.
├<maker></maker> = [url=]The title shown as a Maker.[/url]
├<use_hmd>false</use_hmd> = Probably has something to do with Virtual Reality.
├<hud3dfont name=""/>
└<hud_default_module name=""/>

Re: ManiaPlanetTitle.xml details (incomplete)

Posted: 18 Feb 2019, 23:28
by BigBang1112
Thanks for bringing up this topic!

Additions: :)

<download_url></download_url> - If the title pack is not uploaded to store yet, Maniaplanet checks new version from this source.
<title_version></title_version> - Allows more control in how the title pack is being updated. Same versions in two packs won't update to the newer pack in terms of time. This being empty is very mostly fine.
<player_model></player_model> - I think that applies to Trackmania car item models as well
<station_manialink url=""/> - Manialink for the very front of the title (can be pure XML manialink data or script using context CManiaAppStation) - the place where you have the Enter button, the tabs, players within 24 hours, medal progress etc.
<manialink url=""/> - Manialink to use as a title pack menu (can be pure XML manialink data or script using context CManiaAppTitle)
<mod name=""/> - Default mod to use when creating a new map

<score_context> - A score type that's separated from other score types. Thanks to this, one map can store multiple types of scores on the user's account. The term score can be driven time for example. This tag group can be used multiple times.
<name> - Name that can assign score context to campaign for example
<maprecord_type> - How records will be sorted:
  • -1: Unknown (I guess), perhaps from oldest to newest?
  • 0: Ascending score
  • 1: Descending score
  • 2: Time
  • 3: Respawn count
<medals_enabled> - If to count medals for this context
<author_medals_enabled> - Allow or disallow author medals (used in Platform gamemode for example)
<skillpoints_enabled> - If to count skillpoints for this context

<campaign num="0"> - Num is unique ID, multiple campaigns are also supported, and they can use the same map!
<mode name=""/> - What gamemode is used for this campaign
<score_context> - What score context should campaign use
<official_record_enabled> - If to save driven records online. Neat one, you should always enable!
<maps folder="Campaigns\"/> - What campaign folder to use (if you want difficulties, White Green Blue Red Black, those should be separated into folders there, folder names 0 1 2 3 4 works fine to me)

<file name="" public="false" internal="false"/> - Public makes the file visible outside downloaded package (whats this magic Nadeo actually), usable for station manialinks; internal hides the file in browsers, good for scripts but not for images.

If anyone has simpler explanations, feel free. :D
Apologies for not using code tags but I think this way it's better readable.

Re: ManiaPlanetTitle.xml details (incomplete)

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 10:30
by Miss
Hey nice writeup! Have you guys considered contributing this info to the documentation? You can do so on Github!

Re: ManiaPlanetTitle.xml details (incomplete)

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 13:57
by BigBang1112
Miss wrote:
19 Feb 2019, 10:30
Hey nice writeup! Have you guys considered contributing this info to the documentation? You can do so on Github!
Ye I could try to do pull requests one day, I was never confident to do some. :D

Re: ManiaPlanetTitle.xml details (incomplete)

Posted: 28 Feb 2019, 11:12
by angry_duck