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ManiaPlanetTitle.xml details (incomplete)

Posted: 10 Feb 2019, 06:08
by VMan2002
A description of what each value in ManiaPlanetTitle.xml does to affect the title.
This page is incomplete.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<maniaplanet_title version="4">
├<id>mytitle@example</id> = Name of the title file.
├<name>My Title</name> = Display name of the title.
├<desc>This is a title pack.</desc> = Description for the title.
├<base>TMCanyon</base> = What game the Title uses.
├<player_model></player_model> = An item to use for the player character in Shootmania.
│├<image name="PackImage.jpg"/> = An image to use for the title's DVD case model and station.
│├<logos name="Logos.png"/> = An image with a set of logos.
│├<collection>Example</collection> = A category for the title to be sorted into in the list of DVD cases.
│├<sortindex>1</sortindex> = A number to determine where the title to sit in it's category, compared to other titles.
│├<station_manialink url=""/>
│└<boxcase_manialink url=""/>
│├<background_img name="MenuBg.jpg"/> = An image to show as the title's menu background. Not used if background_replay name is set. When there is no background available, it will use the sky and clouds background corresponding to the title base.
│├<background_replay name="Replays\MyTitleReplayBg.Replay.Gbx"/> = A replay to be played in the title's menu background.
│├<header name="MenuHeader.png"/> = An image to show at the top of the menu panel. Not used if there is no background available.
│├<music name=""/> = A music track to be played in the main menu.
│├<manialink url=""/>
│├<menu_style name=""/>
│├<music folder="MyTitle\"/> = A folder of music for the title to play in-game.
│└<mod name=""/>
│├<maptype name=""/> = The default Map Type for the editor.
│└<simple_editor_map name=""/> = A map to be used with the Simple editor.
│├<mode name=""/> = A GameMode to be used in solo play.
│├<datapack name=""/>
│├<campaign num="0">
││├<playlist name=""/>
││├<mode name=""/>
││├<disable_unlock_system>false</disable_unlock_system> = When true, all maps are available
││└<maps folder="Campaigns\"/>
│├<mode name=""/>
│└<playlist name=""/>
│├<mode name=""/>
│└<playlist name=""/>
├<files> = A set of files to do special things to.
│├<file name="Replays\Replays\MyTitleReplayBg.Replay.Gbx" public="false" internal="false"/> = A file.
││When public is false, the file isn't shown for players. Idk what internal does.
│└<file name="Skins\Models\CarCommon\" public="false" internal="false"/> = Another file.
├<folders> = A set of folders to do special things to.
│└<folder name="Media\MediaHidden\" public="false" internal="false" /> = A folder. Accepts the same tags as a file above.
├<maker></maker> = [url=]The title shown as a Maker.[/url]
├<use_hmd>false</use_hmd> = Probably has something to do with Virtual Reality.
├<hud3dfont name=""/>
└<hud_default_module name=""/>