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Missing Object

Posted: 22 May 2020, 10:41
by Entity73

I have a concern, surely missed something:

I created an object with a custom texture, created in meshmodler and in the material editor.
so far everything is going well, the texture is applied to my object, I use my object in my map and when I want to save, I have the following message:

Please note: No custom object or block will be incorporated into this map.
The map cannot be loaded if the necessary objects are not in the ManiaPlanet folder.
Reason: Some custom objects or blocks use textures or skins that are neither resources included with the game, nor with the current title:
-List of objects

I also tried creating a titlepack including my objects and including the dds files used there, but I cannot include the Mat.Gbx file. and always the same problem when I save my map.

If anyone has an idea, I'm interested

thank you

Re: Missing Object

Posted: 25 May 2020, 14:30
by Entity73
it's good, i found


Re: Missing Object

Posted: 26 May 2020, 11:09
by niebo26
Hi Entity

I know it's a bit late now you found, but i'm gonna write it down for other users just in case ^^

Custom Materials with custom textures can't be embedded in a map, because the data here exceed the maximum authorized to be embedded (1MB) in a map. Players who want to share maps with these kinds of materials have to also send the materials themselves.
An easy way to do that though is to make a titlepack that can contain any data you want, and an easy way to make a titlepack is through the titlemaker :thumbsup:
Anything that you create in the titlemaker will be saved in the title WIP folder (in your Documents/Maniaplanet/WorkTitles/<name_of_the_title>), in the right folder (Items/ for Items for example). In case of materials, if you already created everything needed for them, you can move your data from Documents/Maniaplanet/Materials to Documents/Maniaplanet/WorkTitles/<name_of_the_title>/Materials, and there you have it ^^

If you move Items from your base Documents folder to the WorkTitles one though, you'll have to put the materials files and items in the same places they were (Items reference other files "relatively")