[OLD - SM Beta 0.5] FoxControl Download

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[OLD - SM Beta 0.5] FoxControl Download

Post by matrix142 » 07 Oct 2012, 13:59

ShootMania Beta 0.5 is here with a lot of changes!
Some new plugins are waiting for you :)

- New Plugin: plugin.mostactive.php => Displays a list of mostactive players like in the scorepanel
- New Plugin: plugin.bestmaps.php => Displays a list of the best voted maps
- Fixed Bug: Playerlist did not work correctly when a Nickname included special chars
- Fixed Bug: LiveRankings in TimeAttack mode were sorted wrong
- Some Design changes at windows
- Some Design changes at Karma Widget
- Smaller CurrentMap Widget
- Again better Menu structure
- Added MostActive Button to the Menu
- Added TopDons Button to the Menu
- Added BestMaps Button to the Menu
- Added GameMode Buttons to the Admin Menu
- Added Connections count and timeplayed row in Playerlist
- Excluded Widgetsettings function into an own plugin
- Little change in plugin.scorepanel.php
- Updated Siege Script


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