[SM] What is FoxControl?

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[SM] What is FoxControl?

Post by matrix142 » 03 Jan 2013, 20:20

What exactly is FoxControl?
FoxControl is a servertool which allows you to manage your ShootMania Server easily ingame.
It is independent from any ShootMania gamemode and can be adjusted in its config files for fitting to an own mode.
Natively supported gamemodes are Royal, Melee, Battle, TimeAttack, Siege and Fortress.
Beside this variety FoxControl has a low server utilization which makes FoxControl run fast even on slower machines.
The simple object-oriented pluginsystem lets you create your own Plugins easily.
There are no limits for your ideas.

But even if you are new to servertools, FoxControl is the right choice for you because it is easy to install.
Just adapt some values in the config file and create a new empty database. Every other thing will be done automatically.
So you do not need to configure a lot.

What are the main features?
- Add Maps from ManiaExchange
- Delete Maps
- Jukebox for Maps
- Vote Maps
- Manage Players (e. g. warn, kick, ban, force spectator etc.)
- Switch gamemodes easily ingame
- Play Music (consider the license of the music!)
- Live Rankings in TimeAttack mode
- Local Records in TimeAttack mode
- Move, hide and change style of widgets
- Main style can be adapted in the style config file
- Adminpanel for quick usage of some functions (e. g. skip map, cancel vote, manage players etc.)
- Autoupdater to automatically update FoxControl to the newest version
- Menu to access the functions easily
- List of all available chat commands
- Current/Next Map widget
- Map Karma widget
- Donate Panel
- Automatically disables Callvotes if an admin is on the server
- Some statistic lists (e. g. best Maps, most active Players etc.)
- Serverswitch Plugin to list your other servers
- Scorepanel interface with some statistics and Map related information
- Extendable with user created plugins
- For developers: Easy object-oriented pluginsystem with many functions

What do I need to run FoxControl?
- PHP 5.3 or higher
- MySQL 5 or higher
- Newest ManiaPlanet Dedicated Server

Where can I download FoxControl?
You find the download links at this homepage.

Is there any documentation?
Yes, it is! You can find an advanced installation manual at the FoxControl website.
Even the plugin system is completely at this site.


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