Help installing foxcontrol

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Help installing foxcontrol

Post by Lightweight » 07 Feb 2014, 19:03

Hello, i'm trying to install foxcontrol but its not working and i dont understand exactly why (i'm a noob i guess :-) ).

I have follow all steps from the install.txt but things was unclear for me.

Here is some screen of my installation, maybe you can see where i did wrong :

My config.xml file, in server login i must put my gamer server login or my maniaplanet dedicated server login ?

My MySQL page (with name/login), i'm not sure that i put the right things at the right place in the config file.

My FTP page, i didnt know where to put the foxcontrol folder so i put it in the main server folder and in the userdata folder.

My control.cmd file (which give an "path error" with letter C:/..../ and a "peripheric is not ready" error with defaut letter E:/.../) when i try to launch it on windows.

Tell me if you need more informations.
Thanks for help.

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Re: Help installing foxcontrol

Post by matrix142 » 17 Feb 2014, 14:22

1. You have to put in your ManiaPlanet Dedicated Server Account login.

2. Your MySQL Data seems to be correct.

3. Just put it in the main server folder.

4. Check if the path in control.cmd is correct and points to your PHP installation location.

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