[TM2] What is FoxControl?

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[TM2] What is FoxControl?

Post by matrix142 » 06 Oct 2011, 15:15

What is FoxControl?
FoxControl is a Servercontroller written in PHP.
You can easily view your driven records, manage the tracklist, kick players, skip tracks, listen to music and so on.

General functions
Challenge panel
Here you can see the name of the current challenge, who the author is and what the author's gold time is.
By clicking on the panel, the next challenge panel opens. Here you can see the same infos as in the current challenge panel, but even for the next track.

Vote panel
You even can vote a track by clicking on the numbers.
5 means you like the track very much and 1 means you dislike the track.

Main menu
This is the menu of FoxControl.
Here you can add tracks to the jukebox, navigate to the admin menu or directly go to the FoxControl manialink to get your downloads.

Live Rankings panel
This panel shows the live ranking of the current track.
You can maximize the widget to see all driven times!

Admin panel
By clicking on the corresponding buttons you can skip or restart the track. Also you can cancel a vote or open a list where you can kick, warn, ban or ignore a player.

Local records panel
This panel shows the local records of the current track.
You can maximize the widget to see all driven records!

Donate panel
You want to donate some Planets to the server? Easily click on the numbers and donate Planets :)

This interfaces shows up at the end of each map. There you can see general informations about the server like "Top Donators", "Best Tracks" or even the local records of the last map.

3. Screenshots
Image Image Image
More Screenshots can be found on our homepage.

4. Download
Downloads and informations about new versions will be posted in this forum section.

Have fun!


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