How the TPS Gaseco 2.0 works - FAQ

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How the TPS Gaseco 2.0 works - FAQ

Post by AlexKF » 19 Oct 2011, 16:30


TPS Gaseco 2.0

What is TPS Gaseco 2.0?
TPS Gaseco 2.0 is a TM RPG system with many new and different features to any other system on TM. Normal features such as track selection, music selection, player list are all availble, the extra features are many, such as buying items, creating a planet bank account with interest, earning experience, betting on other players, mini games, levelling up, joining partys to earn more experience, automatic tournaments and much more!

Why TPS Gaseco 2.0?
TM has been around for many years and over time we have wanted to make the entire experience much more fun. For this reason TPS was created. What this system offers is far more than any other system. As we will explore in this FAQ you will see how the features combine together to make the whole TM experience more fun through this system!

TPS Gaseco 2.0 Features
Levelling up

As all RPGs you enter the system at lvl 1. In this level you start to familiar yourself with the system, and as all RPG game it only takes a little patience, maybe reading all this post will also help you.

How to lvl up: Its quite simple, earn experience.

I will also make a list here on what each level will allow (ie: the features, quests unblocked for the lvl)

Earning Experience
Similar to the lvls in an RPG the experience is earned in different ways:
  • Completing a map.
    Depending on how many players are in the server more or less exp will given out. Example: if there are 100 players in the server, and you come 9th out of the 100 then you will get 91 EXP.
  • Betting on a player.
    At the start of a race you can bet on any player in the top 20 wins (of the players that are playing in the server at that time) and if that player wins you will get the winning prize, and that depends on the players ratio compared to other in the server. Example: if you bet a player that has a 5:1 ratio and you bet 100 EXP then you would win 500 EXP.
  • Player Vs Player.
    This is a fun way of earning EXP, if you win against the other player you win the EXP, or if you loose then you loose the EXP they win. The higher the rank of your opponent the more you will win.
  • Making Combos
    To make a combo you pass through at least 2 consecutive check points in any map. After the first 2 are complete every other checkpoint you pass through after that will be +1 combos. Note: when you restart the track by pressing the restart button you combos won't add up anymore in that track, so to get the most combos you need to finnish the track every time. The total ammount of combos are counted up on the side of the screen. Every 100 combos = 50 EXP. Note: Each track the best comboer will also recieve 10 Planets.
  • Joining a party.
    There are 10 availble partys to join, all the same, the better the players in the party themore EXP you will win after each map. Example: Total EXP earned by the players divided by number of players, so if there are 4 players in a party, and the party earns a total of 160 EXP, then each player will recieve 40 EXP. Note: When a player joins a party that has already started some tracks before, the new player in the party will have not have the total ammount of exp earned that round, but has a reduction of exp earned depending how many tracks have passed by. Example: A party is created and 3 players join it in the first round, then after 8 rounds a new player joins the party, at the end of the track the new player will have exp the total EXP / number of players / tracks missed (ie: total EXP / 4 / 8 = EXP earned by new player.)
Fuel and Damage of your car
Again, just like in all RPGs you have a health bar, this is quite similar. Every time you finish a track you will use up a determind ammount of fuel and damage. This can cause your car to heat up and to loose fuel. For this reason you will need to fuel up and repair your car which can be done in a few seconds by buying fuel and damage repair items.

Image Image Image
Items are very useful, as the name suggests. Each item can be bought using MoFs (Mmo Fiches) here is a list of all the items and functions each one has:
  • Fuel item.
    Each fuel item can be bought with a quality of either 1 (for 0.5 MoF, available at lvl 1), 5 (for 2.5 MoF available at lvl 2) or 20 (for 10 MoF available at lvl 10) liters. Each one can be purchased simply by clicking on it. It will automatically upadate your fuel or damage stats.
  • Repair item.
    Each repair item can be bought with a quality of either 1 (for 1 MoF, available at lvl 1), 5 (for 3 MoF available at lvl 2) or 20 (for 10 MoF available at lvl 10) repairs. Each one can be purchased simply by clicking on it. It will automatically upadate your fuel or damage stats.
  • Replay tarck.
    This item simply allows to replay the track, but costs 500 MoF, so chose wisely when and if you want to replay it.
MoF currency
This is simply the TPS currency, each MoF = 1 Planet. The MoF can be spent and earned in different ways in the system.
Here is a list of how you can spend the MoF:
  • Buying items. In the item menu you can see all items available to you for purchase
  • Playing games. Currently there is only the bingo game, but more to come soon!
  • Converting MoF back into Planets in the converter.
And here is a list of all the ways you can earn MoF:
  • Winning in games (like in the bingo)
  • Getting a sponsor. Available from lvl 2 you can get a sponsor that will give you a number of MoF at the end of every track.
  • Getting the most combos every map. At the end of every map you will see who has earn the most combos that round, the winner (available only when 15 or more players will get a set ammount of MoF)
  • Uploading your track. When the track is uploaded players can vote it. If it has lots of people voting it up then the creator of the map will earn MoF at the end of every track he has made in addition to the base A.I. Tps Vote
  • Converting Planets to MoF. In the converter you can convert as many planets as you want, remember, 1 planet = 1 MoF.
Automatic CUP Tournament
So we all love a bit of competition now and again eh? The Automatic CUP tournament is perfect for this.

How it works: Any player can join and play. Each server will have different MoF price to join, lets say its 20 MoF. The tournament starts when the minimum places needed are filled, then 2 rounds (or how much the admin decided) are passed to warn the players its about to start (ie: WAIT 1/2 > WAIT 2/2) then it starts.
There are rounds, and at the end of each round player in the red zone is elimiated. This process carrys on untill the last round, and each round some players win (based on the posiztion) The prize will be automatically given. It depends on the initial MoF fee that the players have to pay.
It is all divided as a % system. It work like Texas Hold'em tournaments division of the pot.
Each 8 players 1 more place to win. Until 8 winners (64 to 250 players)

Player List
From here you can see all the stats of every player in the server such as lvl, EXP, connection speed, nation (+ admin commands such as kick and ban).

Banking system
This is very mcuh like a real bank. Only Planets are used (which you can then convert into MoF). A specified ammount of Planets are decided (min: 500 planets) and a set ammount of days is also set (min 30, max 180). The more days you leave the planets in for the higher the intrest.

Private chat
This can be used for conversations with 1 or more users. No one else can see this chat, only you and other players that you are chatting with. Simply type who you want the message to go to and what you say they can see.

TPS Server list
All servers that are using TPS Gaseco will be listed. Also, if you click on one of the servers you will be transfered to that server, so no need to exit, search or waste time!

Forum links
From the server menu you can find a help link to the forums where everything can be exaplned and discussed. You can view all forums ingame from the server.


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