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ASP.NET MVC Manialink Extensions

Post by fastforza » 13 Jan 2012, 10:36

Hope this forum is suitable. It seemed appropriate for all-things Manialink. :)

I've developed a set of ASP.NET MVC extensions that enable developers to use the ASP.NET MVC framework to create powerful Manialinks. 8-) You could say it's something like ManiaLib, but for ASP.NET.

I want to emphasis that this is for ASP.NET MVC 3 only! Not for Webforms.

These extensions integrate nicely with the Razor view engine and work efficiently (proper memory management). Be more productive and create your elements programmatically. I assure you they'll save you time from writing all that XML from scratch! ;)

You can find more information and documentation on the project page at GitHub. 8-) ... extensions

- Windows environment (Mono on Linux may work).
- ASP.NET 4 installed.
- ASP.NET MVC 3 project with Razor view engine.
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