2.0 Downgrade!

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2.0 Downgrade!

Post by cornholio74 » 04 Jan 2013, 02:13

I like to play Canyon online with friends..make custom horns, cars ect...but after the 2.0 updates the custom skins and horns are gone. All my friends I play with have the same problem.

It was allready annoying me that in Maniahome there's a lot of news about Shootmania and almost none for Canyon.
(Isn't it possible to make a filter on Maniahome so you choose from wich game you want news and messages?)
And now it seems the Canyon players have to suffer for a mainly Shootmania update?
Please fix the skins problem or tell the Canyon players you are working on it !
Is it possible to install v1.0 again and play with that?


* I forgot to mention that after the update the game ran into a black screen 4 times. I had to end it in the taskmanager.
Any news or progress yet regarding these bugs?? And would it be possible to add a seperate volumecontrol for opponents car horns or could I change it myself in the config file? :idea:
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Re: 2.0 Downgrade!

Post by Alinoa » 04 Jan 2013, 10:12

Thank you for your report. This issue has been already reported and we are working on fixing it. Sorry for any inconvenient caused :oops:
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Re: 2.0 Downgrade!

Post by Harrison_rus » 04 Jan 2013, 12:20

I personally do to these errors is set properly. Game developers are people too. They also laid to rest in the holidays.
Be positive and try to survive until the end of the holidays. :mrgreen:

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Re: 2.0 Downgrade!

Post by zegodzila » 04 Jan 2013, 13:36

Usually you don't release a software update and go to weekend 2 hours after :)

BUT, i understand, that side-effects are difficult to be spotted right on time.
On the contrary, TM² is not Beta anymore, and should not be impacted :)
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Re: 2.0 Downgrade!

Post by Hylis » 04 Jan 2013, 17:17

TM2 is still under development in fact. Canyon should be more stable, but between staying apart from the rest, apart from the potential updates and other players, I would recommand it to stay inside Maniaplanet.

There is Maniaplanet (always under development)
Trackmania and Shootmania worked more before release of first environments
Canyon, Storm, Valley worked more before each release.

Maniaplanet is an evolving plateform, like you have for thunderbird, windows or else. We break some stuff, we release software before going on holiday. The other solution would be to have a complete disconnected network, so we can do the update during months, and then join both branches. It does not seem to work since the 'optionnal update' tool was not used and with the fact that splitting the community is not a simple thing to do (like if some players would be playing on one environment: server version, ladder, maps etc. and others on another one) And if all players stay on the old version, tests are not done, if they all go on the new one, then it is like today.

It is not ideal, but it is practical. I hope you enjoyed the faster loading of the menus, real time statud of friends, bink support, embeded streaming or else.

In upcoming update, there will be hierarchie of events for Maniaplanet/Games/Environments/Titles that shall be displayed accordingly (if you go Canyon, you have Maniaplanet/Trackmania/Canyon, if you go Royal, you have Maniaplanet/Shootmania/Storm/Royal)

Hope you understand and sorry for the inconveniences, of course.


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