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Posted: 30 Jun 2013, 09:43
by Zell
I have a problem with the way Maniaplanet (the browser) is at the moment, and I assume this will become a problem for more and more people as time goes on..

Right now, I have no way of setting separate profiles for Shootmania or Trackmania. If I join a buddy in a game through the chat, it goes into the title before joining any server anyways, so why not give the option of having separate profiles as well? The aiming in shootmania has to be set for each title already, so I don't understand why this wasn't implemented yet.

The second issue, and one which I had with TMU already, is that I cannot set different graphical settings for different environments, let alone different games! :|
While I may want to squeeze the maximum FPS in Shootmania to be competitive, I would like to race with maximum settings in TM2 to enjoy the environments.
This will become a much larger issue as time goes by and you release more games in Maniaplanet... Then we'll have the same situation of TMU: Older titles run smoothly (snow, desert, etc), while newer titles lag alot (bay, stadium) unless you sacrifice visual quality in older titles just to be able to play the new ones decently.

My suggestion is to have tabs in the Maniaplanet launcher, which allows adjusting settings for each title (including sound, p2p etc), and to add a little code to allow people to have different profiles for each game - I don't think CMC will have a Questmania team for example, but it's ridiculous to have 3 clan tags.. I don't think there's space for that anyways :o

I really hope that these 2 issues will be addressed soon, otherwise imo, this will condemn "Maniaplanet" to receive hate from the whole community, and not just Frostbeule's "community"... :roll:

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Posted: 30 Jun 2013, 09:50
by TMarc
This already has been addressed quite a few times during the betas, but it was apparently still not important enough to be changed.
Perhaps Nadeo thinks only few TM players look for SM, or the other way. At least at the moment it might be like this.

The only solution available right now is to use different logins and to install the game into separate folders.
But you need to do this right from the beginning. Once you have chosen to use the same login for both, its too late.

Regarding video settings, one thing you could do however, is to launch ManiaPlanet, and modify the settings accordingly, e.g. for usage with Canyon and Stadium.
Close the game. Copy the Default.System.Config.Gbx to a new file, e.g. TM.Default.System.Config.Gbx.
Now start ManiaPlanet again, and select the video settings which are suitable for that.
Close it.
Copy the Default.System.Config.Gbx to e.g. SM.Default.System.Config.Gbx.
Then write two batches that copy either TM.Default.System.Config.Gbx or SM.Default.System.Config.Gbx to Default.System.Config.Gbx before launching either game.

Re: Suggestion

Posted: 30 Jun 2013, 09:55
by Zell
Yep, I brought this up during the beta once or twice..

The problem with your solution, is that more often than not I join a Shootmania game straight from TMĀ², or vice versa, so closing the game and launching the required batch is really a pain in the neck that shouldn't be needed in 2013..

Also, I can assure Nadeo that many Trackmaniacs are playing Shootmania. I get into conversations about Trackmania in Elite, Siege, Royal, you name it.
In CMC alone we have quite a few Trackmaniacs who play: Arubiano, MixD, JumperJack, Tunga, Zooz (dunno if he actually "plays" though), Marouan, Forgot10, Lomz, Sandder and myself. And I know I'm forgetting some guys.. :P

edit: Also, why would Nadeo think that few players from SM play TM and vice versa?
If so, why put it all in "Maniaplanet". If they want to build something like Steam or Origin, they should understand that money is made by attracting players from a specific game to buy more games on the same platform - and I don't doubt that they do understand this.

So logic dictates that games should be sold separately (which different profiles and settings), but on the same platform to give the player ease of buying/switching between games..

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Posted: 30 Jun 2013, 10:03
by TMarc
Exact, this is the big drawback with it.
This is also why I very welcome your suggestions :thumbsup:

I did not say Nadeo is not paying attention to it, but this is something which was actually not yet taken care of.
Hylis wanted to release an update top whish list soon, let's see what's on there then... :?

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Posted: 30 Jun 2013, 10:03
by Omnixor
+1 zell, agree with everything.

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Posted: 30 Jun 2013, 10:13
by Zell
TMarc wrote:Hylis wanted to release an update top whish list soon, let's see what's on there then... :?
Lets raise our hands to the heavens, shout HALLELUJAH, and pray that this will be there.. :pop: