[N/A]Unable to enter profile from profile selection

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[N/A]Unable to enter profile from profile selection

Post by HawkGer » 21 Nov 2013, 00:33

Hey guys,
hope someone can help me out.
After a PC crash yesterday whilst playing ManiaPlanet I'm unable to enter my profile now from the profile selection that comes when starting MP. When hovering over my profile it gets highlighted, but when clicking on it nothing happens. The only way to enter my profile is to remove the profile from the selection and click on "Create new profile" --> "I already have an account"
With my second MP account I can enter just fine btw.

I already tried windows restore and a complete deinstallation of ManiaPlanet twice. The result is the same. I guess something buggy must be stored in my profile on Nadeo's server that gets synchronised every time I add this account again...

Help would be appreciated (hug)ely :thx:

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Re: Unable to enter profile from profile selection

Post by kripkee » 21 Nov 2013, 09:22

I think your old profile is 'demaged' and won't work again. You have to live with your 'new' profile now :/

I had a PC crash for 2 or 3 years and 'lost' my TMUF profile. I had to do the same steps which you wrote to play normal again.

Maybe one of Nadeo can restore you profile, but I think not that someone of them can help you^^..


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