[N/A][MP] EndMap Callback to late

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[N/A][MP] EndMap Callback to late

Post by kremsy » 19 Feb 2014, 13:18

In the newest dedicated API (2013-04-16), the Dedicated Server Callback "ManiaPlanet.EndMap(SMapInfo Map);" gets triggered just before the loadbar appears, in the previous API versions it got triggered just when the map ended, and the podium was reached.

Especially in Trackmania where no Script endMap Callback appears it's a main Problem and should be fixed. It should get triggered just at the time when nobody can play anymore, so as soon map finishes (like reaching the timelimit in TimeAttack) or the Match is over (point limit in rounds/team/cup/laps reached), basically same time as "ManiaPlanet.EndMatch" gets triggered as well.
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