[Fixed][Manialink] Style3d based on "ButtonH" doesn't work.

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[Fixed][Manialink] Style3d based on "ButtonH" doesn't work.

Post by Chris92 » 18 Mar 2014, 10:38

Hello there, I tried defining a custom frame3dstyle like this:

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<style3d id="TextEntryBG" model="ButtonH" thickness="0.05" color="000022EE" fcolor="000022EE" lightcolor="000022" flightcolor="0000FF"/>
Yet when I try to use it, it won't work. Every other option for model works, as soon as I use "ButtonH" as option though, the specific frame3d won't render at all.
Full XML can be seen here: http://chris92.de/manialink/index.php
Manialink that shows the issue. chris92

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