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[N/A]Player Page > Favorite Servers

Post by steeffeen » 11 Apr 2014, 17:47

the link to your favorite servers in the player page dropdown "Play Online" opens a new page

but i have to say i like the old one way more
it's still accessible via the right menu of the server browser for games or buddies
i think it's better and i was wondering if the dropdown menu could link to this page again

the new style only offers a direct join and the deletion (which might be the reason the new page has been added?)
while the old style offers player count, join+spec links, comment, favorite count, player list, map list and the filter options
isn't it possible to add the delete button to the old page and keep it then?

small additional suggestion:
if the favorite servers that are offline could be listed at the end that would make it more clear :)
(i just noticed the new page seems to already sort that way ^^)

other opinions welcome!
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