[Fixed][MP3] Buddy chat crash - compile error

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[Fixed][MP3] Buddy chat crash - compile error

Post by BigBuddha » 04 May 2014, 13:58

Lately my chat crashed and a ManiaScript-Compile Error-Windows popped up.
What happened before the crash:

1. Removed buddy from buddylist (let's call him buddy A).
2. Added buddy A again.
3. buddy A added me again and wrote me a message (plain text, no link or whatever).
4. Received notification of a new message BUT the author shown was not buddy A. Instead the message seems to come from a different buddy (let's call him buddy B).
5. Opened buddy chat via the icon in the top bar. buddy A was not shown as online (even though he was). The message still seemed to come from buddy B (even though he was not online at that time).
6. Clicked on buddy B in order to view the message.
7. The compile error popped up. Click for screenshot.
8. I could close the error, but the chat was frozen. I could do everything else (playing, mapping, browsing the menus), but I could not close the chat, chat with someone or anything chat related.
9. Restart fixed this and the message was now from buddy A, as it should be.

Hope someone can understand this description :p


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