[Update 2.2] Shader compilation error

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[Update 2.2] Shader compilation error

Post by blake_bs » 28 Jul 2013, 17:48


The game created a logcrash file here when shutting down, and I found the following error every time a Canyon map was loaded. As far as I can see, there seems to be an error in a shader script. Although I don't experience any issue because of this, I think it's good to fix it.
This error must be introduced in update 2.2, since I have never seen it in a logcrash before.

Code: Select all

Shader compilation error in ":data:\GameData\LightMap\Media\Text\PHLSL\NormSSwithA.PHlsl.Txt"
Compilation of EntryPoint "psMain"(ps_3_0) failed :
C:\ManiaPlanet\Program\memory(31,2): error X3000: syntax error: unexpected token 'else'

>	else if (LightSum.a>0.01f)
 	{	// Partial/Full coverage => just normalize 

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Re: [Update 2.2] Shader compilation error

Post by Taronium » 26 Jan 2014, 05:08

I have the same trouble and Maniaplanet will never get to the menu. It allwed me to pick my profile, went through some update, then connects to the server, does a few flickery things in the title bar and pops off with this crash log.

I haven't been playing for 123days (apparently) and it seems like it will be a few days more?! :(

I now cleaned the cache and it doesn't even get me to pick the profile anymore. Window comes on, connect to server...rest see above. :cry:

Here's the beginning of the log file:
[Win32] CmdLine="C:\Program Files (x86)\ManiaPlanet\ManiaPlanet.exe" /config=Default
[Sys] Minimum app. @ = 0x00010000
[Sys] Maximum app. @ = 0xFFFEFFFF
[Sys] "NVIDIA Quadro 5000"(0x10DE,0x06D9) with (nvd3dum.dll)
[Sys] ShaderQuality : Very Fast
[Sys] TexturesQuality : High
[Sys] TextureDecals_3D : 0
[Sys] TextureDecals_2D : 0
[Sys] D3D9Ex : 1
[Sys] D3D9 BC4/5 : 1
[Dx9] NVidia driver version = 332.21 (r331_82)
[Dx9] D3DX SDK 9.2, DirectX SDK 9.0, Runtime 9.0Ex, using HAL device on
[Dx9] "NVIDIA Quadro 5000"(0x10DE,0x06D9) with DDI9 driver.
[Dx9] Gpu Memory MBytes = 2.53e+003
[Dx9] Agp Memory MBytes = 1.59e+003
[Dx9] Device created in Windowed.
Shader compilation error in ":data:\GameData\Engines\Media\Text\VHLSL\RasterConst.VHlsl.Txt"
Compilation of EntryPoint "vsMain"(vs_3_0) failed :


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