[B3.1][Stadium] 360 Controller steers left at start

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Re: [B3.1][Stadium] 360 Controller steers left at start

Post by roke » 04 Apr 2013, 00:34

I use keyboard and I drive a track in TMF every now and then where a long start straight is followed by a long jump with, I think, a boost in front of it. On best days one jump of five strays harshly to the left, on worst days it's three of five. All you do yourself is press the forward key.

It is the only track where I've ever seen a similar problem (there are a few more where I suspect the same thing happens), but it leads me to believe it's not just a controller problem.

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Re: [B3.1][Stadium] 360 Controller steers left at start

Post by ToaOfJustice » 06 Apr 2013, 15:36

I have an issue with my Xbox 360 controller steering left slightly as well, but it appears to be a physical flaw in my controller (when depressed all the way, the stick is slightly to the left) as opposed to a bug in the game. If I lift the stick, it springs back perfectly to center and the problem goes away.

Perhaps I need to calibrate my controller and/or edit deadzone settings. If It works, I'll edit this post.

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EDIT: Calibration seems to be working for me! :3
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Re: [B3.1][Stadium] 360 Controller steers left at start

Post by nailbomb69 » 07 Apr 2013, 21:58

I have had this happen to me since TMN ESWC. I have used various brands of gamepads since then and they have all done it in all versions of TM. It is slightly annoying but i have got use to it over the last 6 years but it would be good if nadeo fixed it for TM2 :thumbsup:


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