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[bug] sometimes no sound, no chat

Posted: 27 Nov 2013, 13:20
by JumperJack

Lately, I have a reoccuring bug. I don't really have been able to pinpoint exactly when it happens, and why, but at least I have heard from at least one other person who also suffered this problem. I have mainly got the problem with TM2, haven't tried SM, but I expect similar issues.

The thing is: when opening the game, sound is completely gone. It doesn't matter if I crack it up to the maximum, there is just no sound at all. Also, when this happens, the Return-key partially stops working too. If i click it in multiplayer, I can type my chat, but if I want to 'send' the chat, the Return-key is unresponsive.

It's a weird bug, maybe more of you have experienced it?

Re: [bug] sometimes no sound, no chat

Posted: 27 Nov 2013, 18:28
by TMarc
The correllation of no-sound and no-enter is weird.

Regarding the sound, please make sure you're always using "Normal quality" as "High quality" is known to be buggy for soundcards that have less than 64 hardware voices. "Normal quality" uses 32 voices which is enough anyways.

If it is not just the audio quality setting, I don't know, sorry :oops:

Re: [bug] sometimes no sound, no chat

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 09:38
by JumperJack
nope, can't be it, is already on 'Normal'.

the correlation is weird indeed, but since it already happened like eight or nine times, and the fact that i met someone who experienced exactly the same problems, it seems like a bug. but when and why it happens, is a mystery. ;)