Lightmap for Stadium Dirthills bugged

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Lightmap for Stadium Dirthills bugged

Post by HawkGer » 06 Dec 2013, 01:57


I noticed today that the lightmap for the stadium dirthills seem to be bugged. I see some black flickering on some surfaces that are backfacing the sun. See here: ... thills.jpg
(the modding doesn't have anything to do with the bug, I only chose a different mod to show the bug more clearly)

Shadows on that map were computed in "High"

Can someone confirm if this is not just my setup that's causing the bugs?

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Re: Lightmap for Stadium Dirthills bugged

Post by YonCan » 06 Dec 2013, 09:17

I observe these patterns on vertical Canyon walls (I made a report somewhere several months ago). The quality of the shadow computing makes no difference here, too.

In Stadium, I didn't notice this bug so far, but I don't use dirt hills much. So, I have to make some tests.


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