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Post by Alinoa » 05 Jul 2012, 08:49

Hi all :)

We are very happy to welcome you here ^_^
This is the place where beta players can discuss about the maniaplanet 3.0 version.

You can also post reports here.
Tests are made for Nadeo to be aware of issues with the current version of the game. Keep in mind that there is a long list of things to be done by the team and even if you report something to be fixed, it can takes time to be done, or never be ^_^

Please find below the guidelines to follow when posting a report.

1. Crash reporting
It's very important that if you notice a crash, you report it.
Make sure you report what you were doing inside the game before it crashed.
Report the crash using the Code bb tags to copy your crash report of the game there and post its url in your newly created crash topic or attached in your topic the crashlog file located in:
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\*MyUsername*\My documents\ManiaPlanet
  • Vista, Seven, Eight: C:\Users\*MyUsername*\Documents\ManiaPlanet
Please also try to repeat your crash to check if it's a systematic crash.

2. Bug reporting
Describe your system specs / os when reporting a bug.
Don't say "this or that doesn't work".
Describe the bug thoroughly, report the circumstance in which this bug is occurring
If the bug is unintelligible or random, please repeat your steps several times, analyse the nature of the bug and try to force it to happen with the data you have collected for yourself. Then report this data as verbose as possible.
If you test graphics bugs/glitches, it's important to test this particular situation with many possible launcher settings and with the latest stable graphics driver and directx version which is available for your brand.
Each bug topic should be kept clean and organized with only relevant information regarding that bug.
The developer may describe "fixed" or "pending" or "n/a" to describe the condition of the report.
If you want to report a same returning issue in the next stage from a previously locked topic, refer to the topic in a newly created topic, described with a tag of the current testing stage (see chapter 3 "Use of tags to name your topic").

3. Use of tags to name your topic
This is very important! Please follow these instructions strictly, because otherwise it is a 100 times harder for the group leaders to actually process your reports.
This is the template you should use:
[MP3]Short description of the bug

4. Tips
Please specialize. If you know you are good with a special category of a game, specialize yourself in bug reporting about issues in your favorite aspect of the game. But that doesn't mean that you need to restrict yourself to those elements though.
For first run, it's wise to test a clean installation where you can determine that the first time login procedure is working as it should be, test first time settings that you want to take before you add your previous content and do further tests.
Bookmark your own bug/issue reporting topics so you can easily follow up. This way you can stay on top of developments and it will keep yourself and the forum organized.

5. Last but not least
Hylis wrote:Finally, but very importantly, we are here to have fun together, by trying to improve things, by playing and also by spending good time in a community to share. It is like a party and I hope everybody stays in that spirit. It has to be for fun and be positive, or the party becomes painful work. Please keep in the party spirit for everybody else to continue to enjoy it. Some people call it the TrackMania spirit and I hope it will be right for ShootMania as well. We are in a game to have fun and the priority in sharing should be this :thx:
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More information about maniaplanet, support, contents, community activities: useful links

ManiaPlanet technical documentation portal (Dedicated server, Mediatracker, ManiaLink, ManiaScript, Titles...)

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