[SM Beta 0] Input lag

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Re: [SM Beta 0] Input lag

Post by DasOnLY » 07 Jul 2012, 14:49

your ping should not have any influence on inputlag

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Re: [SM Beta 0] Input lag

Post by LuckyBoy » 09 Jul 2012, 09:26

ArNoz31 wrote:Btw reducing the graphics quality reduced the input lag feeling, but it's still here so i'll test according to what i understood
Indeed, the graphic quality is linked to cpu and gpu frame render time, increasing quality increase frame time, then input lag.
For example with low fps (say 30), it's not advised disable or give 3 frames of cpu/gpu sync (3*33=100ms), VSync+Tripple buffer can be also bad for input lag.
Another I forgot to say: if you enable VSync+TripleBuffer, please disable cpu/gpu sync or synch to at least 2 frames (if you put 1 frame or immediate, you'll loose VSync)


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