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[Beta Version]

Posted: 06 Jul 2012, 16:17
by engineerdogita
Hi i'm new and for my first post I want to mind that in c-50 processor computer shootmania lags too much and in fact compared to trackmania nations forever the FPS are not the same
I show you the average fps trackmania nation forever and those of shootmania (sorry google translate i tried to be more comprensive)

average fps= 34.4
minimum = 11.0

ShootmaniaStorm : = (do it with fraps)
2012-07-06 17:11:50 - ManiaPlanet
Frames: 89 - Time: 19750ms - Avg: 4.506 - Min: 0 - Max: 17

pleeezzzzz optimize ITTTT

Re: [Beta Version]

Posted: 06 Jul 2012, 17:02
by rctcool0
First of all, you're missing part of your subject line, you may want to provide a small description of the problem in the title. Also, keep in mind that TMF and ManiaPlanet run on completely different engines. MP is much more resource-intensive than TMF.

In-game, make sure your CPU/GPU sync setting is set on the fastest mode possible by dragging the slider all the way to the left. This *should* improve your fps. Do the same with the display sync setting.

The processor that you listed is the AMD C-50, but is it a notebook or a desktop? Also, do you have a discrete graphics card, or are you using integrated graphics?

EDIT: The sync settings are explained better here: ... =0#p107295

Re: [Beta Version]

Posted: 07 Jul 2012, 18:04
by engineerdogita
My computer is a netbook.
The processor is AMD C-50 is a dual core 1ghz.
The Graphic card is 6250 and has 256 mb of memory.

:D thanks a lot for your answer but I could not understand well what I should do with Vsinc
i'm so nooby? :( :(

Re: [Beta Version]

Posted: 07 Jul 2012, 18:24
by jonthekiller
It's useless to compare TMF and ShootMania, it's not the same engine (it's an evolution of the engine), you can only compare Canyon and Storm. You only have the minimal requirements, don't hope you will can play with 50 FPS. The game needs an optimisation but not much.

Re: [Beta Version]

Posted: 07 Jul 2012, 23:42
by engineerdogita
we can't do smething to make it more faster for netbooks? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Re: [Beta Version]

Posted: 08 Jul 2012, 09:49
by Omnixor
NETbooks? duuuude... netbooks suck for gaming, you should've known it. you really believe it's possible to make SM run on netbooks with 2x fps?