[B1.2] Bug at the beginning of a Battle match

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[B1.2] Bug at the beginning of a Battle match

Post by MPeti » 27 Jul 2012, 13:29

I was playing in a battle server just 5 mins ago, everything going fine. Then one map ended (3-0, the last round was won 100% - 0%), and the server loaded the next one. Then this happened: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/77085548/smbug.jpg

The server kept getting errors and restarting the match, failing again. The colors of the spawns, the timer at the top, and players' ranks when pressing Tab, were flashing (appearing and reappearing quickly). In fact, it's still happening t the moment, so if you join the *aAa* battle server, you can see it yourself (assuming it doesn't stop when I quit, as I'm the last player online).

Edit: I just quit and it didn't go away, so you can check it as long as the server owner doesn't stop it.
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Re: [B1.2] Bug at the beginning of a Battle match

Post by Eole » 27 Jul 2012, 14:27

The problem come from the map (Battle-The Mountains by Kripke). It shouldn't have been possible to validate the map, because there's not the same number of pole for each team (6 for team 1, 4 for team 2).
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