Shootmania Mediatracker Ghost Skin BUG

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Shootmania Mediatracker Ghost Skin BUG

Post by OrecaShadow » 14 Mar 2014, 17:47

Hey there

Our Mapproject Paranoia is finished today and MR.DVD and some more have already played it.
At first, i have to say i love SM but im realy in rage cause i worked now 5 month on this single map and its perfect.

So im in work now cause the Mediatracker saves the ingame ghots skin but if someone else starts the map it resets the skin to default. We made a whole new experience of SM Gaming but the Mediatracker hates it. (Thats what it seems like) so until now, everyone who want to play our project has to reactivate the skins in the mediatracker.
We already made s short tutorial for fixing this:

We hope this is a bug which get fixed.

Greetings Shadow and TM-JinZoo


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