LoD Bug on Bunkers

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Re: LoD Bug on Bunkers

Post by novationx » 18 Aug 2014, 14:50

Fix wrote:
novationx wrote:I usually do bruuu... :D
But he gets paid & i dont. Im one of the only ones doing this... so gimme a break :p

And steeffeen, trust me ... u cant see it on my screens (so im sorry)
To experience this full effect u should open the map + Play on véry low settings.
Paid or not : for your information, this kind of sentence is offending me. I'm in vacation with my family and still reading and answering posts.
Steeffeen got it right, if I don't understand what you are showing to me, I can't fix it.
When looking at a screenshot I see dozens of artifacts, even some that you don't see : most are technically unavoidable or too expensive to avoid, some are caused because of human mistake and can be fixed.
Dear Fix,
In the past i've posted maybe 20-30 of these LOD's. You decide if you fix them & you notify the community when its fixed. Thats our teamwork bro. :thx:

If you really think that im spending my time here on the forum to give NADEO a bad time or to offend you people, then I can pack my things & just leave... I mean... clearly I am trying to help, arent I?

How am I supposed to know that you are on vacation? :oops:
Nor did I ask you to look at / fix my bug reports when your on the other side of the planet getting some sun with ur beautiful family...
I game, I see a bug & I report it. Simple. I didnt do anything wrong.
If I in some way offended you, then I hope you accept my apogoly.

Maybe its just my way of communicating, but when you cant see what Im trying to show you I say "open up the map & see for urself" How is that a bad idea :p And yes, you get paid for it & I dont. Thats not an insult. Its a fact & theres nothing wrong with it. Im even jalous you work as a game-developer, cuz thats something I would love to do.

Im also -together with a handful of others- the only one who takes the time to help you & report all this stuff. How offensive of me :D :D

Anyways. Im probably missing the point, but this is how I see myself on the forums.
NADEO y u do diz? :oops: #MP4

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Re: LoD Bug on Bunkers

Post by Fix » 20 Aug 2014, 14:14

I checked the block, forced lwo distance lod popping, and still, there are so many things trnasforming that I don't know which one you're pointing out ?
The horizontal bright line? the texture change behind the neons? the neon boxes ?


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