[Mode] Annihilation

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[Mode] Annihilation

Post by Lethan » 08 Apr 2015, 13:18

Hello guys !

Notice : I'm french. So sorry if my english looks like Camembert.

Here is my last creation : ANNIHILATION


WTF is Annihilation ?

Annihilation is a ShootMania Cooperative GameMode where you have to eliminate all the bots on the map. The gameplay is simple but allows you to train efficiently your aim with the RailGun. RailGun is the only weapon you will have to eliminate the bots. However, you can choose another weapon and other stuff if you choose a custom difficulty. Several defined difficulties exists + custom difficulty which allows you to set:

- Time Limit
- Time Reward per Elimination
- Ammo Regen per Elimination (Works only with RailGun)
- LifeSteal chance per Elimination (50% chance)
- Respawn allowed or not
- Players weapon
- Bots weapon

Max players are script-forced to 4 because :
- The bots max number is also script-forced to 30. Adding more will may cause performance issues for both client and server side. That's why max players are forced to 4. A greater number means less bots to eliminate per players, so less FUN.

Info : You can change these values but I'm not RESPONSIBLE if your server explodes in a shower of body parts :mrgreen:

For server owners who want to use my mode, all the stuff is here : https://github.com/lethanov/annihilation

Excuse-me gooby but, what if I want to make maps for your ROFLCOPTER mode ?
Annihilation maps are MeleeArena MapType based. All you need is:
- At least one spawn
- At least one bot path : Available from the Item Menu (F4) > Path Menu. The script will place 30 bots from your bot paths randomly.


Comments are welcome :D . Thanks for the people who already gave ideas for the mode (which are now integrated)

French kiss. Lethan.

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Re: [Mode] Annihilation

Post by Lorisa » 11 Apr 2015, 14:43

I am impressed! Finally, the more intelligent bots. The ability to react and shoot at me. Now also have the option to download the script and test it on your own map !. This is really cool! Most of all I liked that the complexity of "10" the kill bots are really hard. You can not go without a good tactic, and I really like it!

Now you can create fighting arenas "Coliseum" you can lead the battle against serious opponents. Also thoughts were ideas for "missions".
The Spy.

> You have going carefully sneak past the bots, and get to a big Crystals. So that bot did not notice it. You can earn points for stealth. If bot saw you, then you lose the ability to take a "goal" and now you must to kill him.
ps. Bots often get stuck in the corners, and thinking are idle. Let he jump, if he fall into the trap. But the near the dangerous areas he be are cautious. Using jump when absolutely necessary, at the same time not allowing himself to knock or fall. (It would be cool if they were jumping off the walls when you try to attack them on the complexity of the "10"))

(Annihilation) EDIT: Can you make a TitlePack with this GameMode? Please! :pil


Website unavailable :(
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Re: [Mode] Annihilation

Post by novationx » 11 Apr 2015, 18:29

Hi there,

I loved your mode but somehow it got repetitive quite quickly. So let me help you with some suggestions :

- An armor here & there on key positions. ( not too much )
--> You had a bad start? Go take the armor
--> Your teammates are low on health? Let them take the armor
= Strategy

- Randomize botlocations
--> Playing a map over & over again becomes repetitive rly fast.
Of course you can say "you learn the map" which is true too.

- Dont let bots shoot all their nucleuses at once.
--> If a nucleus-bot is camping behind a corner and its 1v1 you can impossibly kill him
--> The same goes for arrows

- Doublekills give you more time I guess? This wasnt super clear.
I saw something like +3seconds (+1). So that's 4 seconds or? Why dont you just display 4seconds.

- What about and 2nd item that gives you a faster reloadspeed for just a couple of seconds
- What about a 3rd item that makes you involnurable for just a couple of seconds.
( Dont add too much items )

- In order to fully enjoy this mode I guess we would need better maps for it. I've played some where bots are nothing but stuck all the time which is really bad.

I guess with all these changes, I would play this mode a lot ( especially to warm-up for cups/praccs/lans etc )
Having the official Elite mappack with this mode would be cool too.

I hope this helped <3
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Re: [Mode] Annihilation

Post by TheBigMiike » 11 Apr 2015, 19:25

This gamemode is nice and could help beginners before starting to play Elite imo ;)

However I don't find it cooperative : Players play alone on their side of the map and doesn't support their allies.

One thing you could add too is automatic settings relative to the number of players playing.
- More players => more bots
- 1 player => 15 bots
- 2 players => 25 bots
- 3 players => 35 bots
- etc...

Just because it's quite difficult to kill all bots when you are alone :?
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