Import character skins?

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Import character skins?

Post by govindsharma17 » 11 Mar 2016, 21:33

Hey everyone ;) ! I was just trying to import a character skin that I just downloaded from the Internet[My first time]. It's a .zip folder and I have placed it in the Skins/Avatars folder. Then,I tried to Import it with NadeoImporter.exe cmd. I typed --> NadeImporter.exe CharSkin Skins/Avatars/ {I renamed the folder Gemini,to}. It says folder not found. :| So is there something I need to download that will help to do something with the .zip folder or do I have to do something to make things right? :roll:
And I have created some objects using Blender application but I dont know how to convert the .blend extension files to .gbx files that I can use. I am unable to Import it. The importer converts .ref files to .gbx but not .blend to .gbx .
Please help.

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