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Elite map creation

Post by Terrack83 » 30 Jun 2019, 11:57

Yo all, i tried to create a new map of elite but now i can't to do it. I explain what i did:

- Placed 2 spawns, 1 attack 1 defense;
- 3 poles (A, B, C) for each spawn.

Was not possible to validate, so i tried to place checkpoint too but the same problem, impossible validate the map... I was in elite title...

What need to do now for create a map???

Thanks so much friends ;)

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Re: Elite map creation

Post by riolu » 30 Jun 2019, 13:14

Don't you only need 1 pole for an Elite map?

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Re: Elite map creation

Post by Soprah » 30 Jun 2019, 21:01

I assume you are a beginner of map editing.

Every beginner does the same mistake: Forggeting to declare the poles/spawns.

How to do it:
When you are in the SM map editor, you can see a bar on the top left corner with the text "Shootmania/EliteArena". Right next to the text, there is an icon which looks like a tool. It turns blue when you hover over it. Click on it. Now you can declare a pole with the attribute "Goal A", "Goal B" etc. If you don't do this, every pole will have the same attribute called "Goal A" and every spawn will have the same attribute called "SpawnAttack". You have to do the same with the spawn.

In the early stages of Elite, there used to be 3 poles. But as time passed, the community began to favor the version of having only 1 pole. So if you want to create an Elite map which represents the standards of a today's Elite map, then place 1 pole and 2 spawns. And don't forget to declare the spawns :)
Then you have a validated map :thumbsup:

I hope I could help you.


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