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Critical Gaming Map contest! iCTF

Post by Rogo » 14 May 2013, 21:41

Just doing a last minute push for our map contest! We have gotten several great entries and a couple not so great. But the feedback from users using the map maker has been very positive.

Critical Gaming is hosting a map making contest for instagib capture the flag. The top 6 maps chosen will then be used for a single elimination 3v3 iCTF tournament! (Date TBA) Creators of the 2 best maps, and winners of tournament will receive a ShootMania T-Shirt.*


-Please submit all maps to on or before the end of May 15th.

-Only submit 1 map per person.

-If you are a team interested in playing/testing maps in the tournament, please sign up below.

-Rules for tournament TBA.

General iCTF map making tips:

-Carefully place spawn locations so spawn camping is not possible.

-Medium to small maps are preferred. (Designed for 3v3 or 4v4)

-If it is possible to get outside the map’s walls, please offzone the entire outside ground or water.

-Laserpads should not be placed in overpowered locations.

-Please refrain using the night time decoration mode.

-Make sure map is symmetrical and properly validated with the CTFArena script provided above.

We apologize this tournament is not open to you guys, we hope in the future we can throw larger global events! Unfortunately due to our very limited resources we cannot ship International. That being said!! We ask some of you please spend some time and make some maps. We would love to see some EU influenced maps, see how you guys view the game vs ours. I hope a couple of you can submit maps, we are very excited to try them out. Thanks!

*Limited supply of T-Shirts available, if we do not have your size, we apologize. Limited to North America.

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