Nadeo's love of detail

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Nadeo's love of detail

Post by Soprah » 19 Jun 2016, 23:33

Have you ever noticed that the two teleports blocks got their own sounds? I just realised it. Probably a bit late :mrgreen:

It's most likely an unimportant detail, but it clearly shows me that Nadeo makes great effort to deliver polished and clean products. Just saying because sometimes people only remember the bad things :thx:

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Re: Nadeo's love of detail

Post by Florenzius » 20 Jun 2016, 06:13

That's nice :thumbsup: :)

a bit offtopic, but if you drive in canyon on dirt, there's a quiet stony dirtsound! Turn up the sound and hear :D
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Re: Nadeo's love of detail

Post by plopp » 20 Jun 2016, 08:01

Nice to hear that there's at least 1 good thing about the teleporter.

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Re: Nadeo's love of detail

Post by Hylis » 20 Jun 2016, 08:46

I love others details like the fact that the teleporters have many advantage in addition to beign quite nice in my opinion. First of them being that a spectator is more likely to know where you are going when you select your destination.

And some like we will leave this topic closed and let useless post away. thanks. We pay attention to details ^_^


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