The Smurfs want your Royal Maps!

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The Smurfs want your Royal Maps!

Post by trueWohoohi » 02 Sep 2016, 14:31

From now on, we, the Smurfs, will give everybody who builds a Royal Map that gets selected into our Mappool 2500 Planets!

Why are you guys doing this?:
For our Royal Smurfscup we select a new Mappack for every Month with 5 Maps each. Lately there were barely any maps, that have been uploaded, so in order to have some divesity at our Maps, we need some fresh new Maps by you guys!

What do I need to do, to be sure that my Map gets selected?:
We can't give any guarantee wether a new Map gets selected to be played or not.
But if you follow some general advices, you can be quite sure, that your Map makes it into the Mappack:
The Map should be designed to be played with 24 Players, with 24 Spawns and enough place to fight on, while you also need to watch the Map-Weight, so nobody has to struggle with FPS-Problems. Further there need to be possibilies to heal, also keep in mind that the time that it takes to reach the Healpad, aswell as how difficult the healing is, is a crucial factor.
If you want to see some examples for Cupmaps, you can take a look at this table with all the Maps that have been played in the Royal-Cups.

Where do I have the send the Map to?:
Just upload the Map to Mania-Exchange, we will check every Royal-Map that has been uploaded. If you want to, you can also just answer this topic, write one of the Smurfs Admins in Maniaplanet or talk to us on our Discord Server.

And what am I supposed to do with the planets?:
You know.. You can buy Buddy-Slots and Titlepack-Stations, ....but if you don't have any use for them you can always just donate them to our Server :P

We will start paying out planets in October, so I hope that motivates some of you, and that we will have lots of new Maps to choose from!

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