Big Mapfields (like 64x64, 256x256...) ?

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Big Mapfields (like 64x64, 256x256...) ?

Post by Frankthetankmp » 11 Dec 2016, 18:34

in Trackmania United Forever there were big maps with added buildareas. So you were able to build in Areas up to 256x256 blocks in Stadium.
In Trackmania 2 there is an 64x64 buildarea map for Stadium.
And in Shootmania i saw a map with just an big waterarea (without islands around)

Is there anything like that in Shootmania, Canyon, Valley and (later) Lagoon?

How to create/get those maps/buildareas/flats?

I know it would be problematic because of laggs and too many blockspaces which had to be calculated. Although: How to do it if it is possible?

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Re: Big Mapfields (like 64x64, 256x256...) ?

Post by wawawawu » 11 Dec 2016, 18:43

I agree,

would be nice to have the possibility to have huuuuge maps :)

greetz, wawa!
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Re: Big Mapfields (like 64x64, 256x256...) ?

Post by Nerpson » 11 Dec 2016, 19:16

If building areas are restricted, it's also to prevent memory issues with lower ends PCs. :?

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