Water planes issues, some explanations ?

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Water planes issues, some explanations ?

Post by AurelSM » 25 Feb 2019, 08:36

I did a video about water planes issues and I would like more explanation if possible.
I explain this issue doesn't appear constantly and it can be hard to manage this problem.
Maybe a line under Coppers which mention issues performance with details ( when we click on it ) could be insteresting to help users.
Now players are able to make custom block / items etc..., i think, we need to have accurate informations.
Water planes issues is certainly not the only information we need... All that is in relation with performance issues is interesting.
My videos is in French, sorry for others.

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Re: Water planes issues, some explanations ?

Post by riolu » 25 Feb 2019, 13:58

I haven't watched your video since my French is mediocre, but I do want to add that water planes in general have changed for unknown reasons since MP4.1. Maps that make heavy use of water planes - either through items or vanilla blocks - suffer from performance issues, even on high-end machines.

One prime example is this TMLagoon map by Snake55wildcat: https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/136892/otherworld
This map makes heavy use of waterfall-like water planes. Ever since MP4.1 got released, the performance has decreased to an unplayable degree. Also, various Stadium RPG maps have been hit by this issue quite badly, even though I am not entirely sure how prominent the problems are to this day with the current MP build.
The aforementioned map has been updated to reduce the amount of utilised water planes: OLDERWORLD

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