100K SERVERS....

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100K SERVERS....

Post by Xenome77 » 10 Apr 2020, 01:29


Haven't posted since long time and tbh i've been enjoying playing few elite tournaments recently.

Got the pleasure to see that players community (ARF) were trying to set up a 100K MM server, wich seems to be a good thing. There is only one problem with this they need tons of planet to make it :yes:

I'm curious to know more about this system considering the current situation of the game. Like they are kinds enough to put money on servers and you are still asking for crazy amounts of planets... :teub:

You did not much on the game from player perspective since atleast 2016 so could you be kind enough to unlock servers to 100K or even more.

Who cares of ranking and abusers actually ? It could only be something good for the game. Or you may run 100K MM servers by your own and with someone in charge to manage it for map rotation and stuff...

Because from what i can remember i'm only gaining planets by staying away from the game long time :pop:

It's maybe the time to make a step in our direction

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Re: 100K SERVERS....

Post by Alinoa » 10 Apr 2020, 09:05

Hello Xenom,

We are in contact with Waize for the servers and he told me that he had enough planets now for opening all servers :yes: :3
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